Thursday, October 14

Surfing The Past:

I was going through an old album this week and decided to scan a few of the pictures that made me laugh, and made me say, "Holy crap! I was orange!" (I taught swimming and was a life guard during the end of this summer and that's why I'm orange...) During the first year we were dating (2004), we took a little day-trip to Arizona to see Dustin's Grandma and on that trip we took a long a little disposable camera. These are fond memories.
Dustin with my hat on, clearly making fun of me although, I can't
remember what he was saying.This photo cracks me up.
Not really sure what the serious-trying to be sexy face
is all about (how embarrassing),
but Dustin sure looks cute in this pic if you ask me!
I didn't do a whole lot of "Surfing" this week, So I decided to read through my blog and post some of my favorite posts since I've written over 500 blogs now! Yikes....I can't decide if that's a good thing or a bad thing....

Surfing The Past:
When his personality started to shine through
The one where I announced this and this
What Conrad & Dustin dressed up as last year for Halloween
Not even a month old and he was already melting my heart
The time we went to the cabin with our friends for the weekend
The names we didn't choose
I can't believe I was this BIG! Whoa!
The smell of old spice deodorant still makes my mouth water...
An engagement session I loved doing
10 things that make me happy

If you leave a comment, let me know 10 things that make you happy!
It would make me terribly happy to know!


  1. Ten things that make me happy (right now...because there are a lot more! hee hee):

    1. getting to sleep in or take naps
    2. finding a crunchy leaf to step on
    3. being smiled at by any baby (since I don't have any of my own yet)
    4. pumpkin anything...creamer, ice cream, cookies, pie, pop tarts, turnovers, scones, candles, costumes...
    5. the band NEEDTOBREATHE :) especially the drummer!
    6. having people in my home
    7. singing
    8. dancing at random (i.e. to a song in a movie in my living room, to a song in a store in public...)
    9. seeing people impacted somehow by what I put on my blog
    10. amazing prayer mornings with Jesus

  2. Ten Things That Make Me Happy-
    1. Most things involving Jack.
    2. Autumn air. It just feels different, smells different and makes me act different (for the better).
    3. Soup. I'm a soup fiend.
    4. A clean house, lit candles in good scents, Jack in bed and time to myself.
    5. Being around books. I spent A LOT of my time in the library as a kid.
    6. Good conversations. It literally leaves me with a buzz.
    7. Downtown Tucson and the people that inhabit it.
    8. The right dress, right now. Shoes too.
    9. Chipotle. My husband will use it as a reward, a way to mend a fight, and probably bribery since he knows I love it so much.
    10. Your blog.

  3. So fun to look at the past, huh? And you weren't orange, you were golden brown! Lovely.

    10 things that make me happy:
    Coffee in the morning.
    Going in to get my baby girl after a nap and how she smiles at me.
    Visiting friends in fun places.
    A good, vintage find!
    The sound of waves crashing.
    Putting out amazing music.
    Seeing my friends change the world.
    Making things.

  4. I feel like my "ten things that make me happy" list changes from month to month, but isn't it nice to see the little things that make us happy like crunching a dead leaf under our feet or having a clean house.

    Amanda, I was smiling while reading your list because I too could have written all of those things. I feel like a good conversation with a friend about REAL things, not superficial types of things, but life changing, character changing things really leave me with a buzz too.

  5. Thanks for sharing some of your older posts with us. It was a nice way to get to know you. Also, I always think it is fun to look back on pictures of my husband and I from the early days...we started dating in high school over 11 years ago...we were children!

    And here's my 10:
    sleeping in
    cuddling with my baby boy
    stealing some moments alone with the husband
    talking to my mom
    sitting by a fire
    making my boy laugh
    helping people
    driving (I find it so soothing!)

  6. love this post.

    My ten things:
    -pumpkin spice coffee creamer
    -the anticipation of willow's arrival
    -hearing olivia say "i love you mama" randomly
    -FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS! (my *ahem* tv show guilty pleasure...i admit)
    -hot showers
    -Fall in North Carolina
    -taking and editing photos
    -my giant, chaotic, and ever growing family
    -chocolate and hazelnut. together. in my mouth. for a chocolate/hazelnut party.
    -my MAN.

  7. i want to be tan again! i can't remember the last time i was tan. happy things atm:

    -a crisp new magazine
    -when my man draws me a bubble bath
    -doing something good for someone else
    -e-laughing with my bff
    -cooking a nice meal
    -putting a great outfit together AND getting a compliment on it so you know it isn't just you being wacky
    -thinking about our vacation
    -inspirational & motivating stories
    -when you go to pet a dog and it jumps all over you super excited. it happens to me alot...sometimes with muddy paws. still makes me happy.

    i love lists!