Sunday, November 23

Old Spice

Since pregnancy, I've come to realize that I really enjoy the smell of men's deodorant. I could literally lay with my nose nestled in my husbands arm pit for hours if he would let me, but he thinks it's weird and allows me to sniff for as long as he can stand it before I end up getting too close and brush the tip of my nose too far into the patch of hair under his arm. He can't stand to be tickled, so I have to be very careful. Plus, he's one of those fortunate people, unlike me, who can go days without applying any kind of antiperspirant without smelling unbearable. I, on the other hand can't go 20 minutes without becoming clammy,sweaty,moist,damp or any other word that would describe sweating a whole lot....just sayin. He smells really good.

I can't explain to you what it is about the smell of old spice and half a days worth of perspiration that gets me so happy. (At least I'm not writing blogs about how I love the taste of dirt or clay like some pregnant woman! Right?? I'm not that weird!)

Tonight we were sitting at the computer working on something together and while he was typing, I noticed his pit was wide open, so I went in for the kill. He felt the sleeve of his shirt move and looked down at me as I was sneaking a whiff. I looked up at him curling my lips together, trying not to smile and said "what?" Like sniffing a persons arm pit through their shirt isn't a normal thing! Don't question what I'm doing...I'm enjoying the aroma! I think he's starting to realized what a doof I am. He got a good laugh at it, but deep down, I think he may be saying,

"I can't wait til you're normal again!"

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