Friday, November 21

The Name-less One

This week the decision of what our child will be called has been plaguing my mind! All I can think about is how our poor little son is nameless. My friend Allie and I were discussing that the meaning of a name is super important. I don't want to name him something trendy or too off the wall...his name sticks with him forever. It will be printed on his wedding invitations, and said over the loud speaker at his graduation! Although we haven't quite nailed it down just yet, we have been calling the baby different things to see what feels most natural.

Girl names were much harder for me to come up with. My favorite choices were:
Those were names that I loved. Strong, not too girlie, and had a flare of masculinity in them as well. But we all know my baby has a wee-wee, so he won't be called any such name.

We have, however been trying to decide between these boy names:

And the 3 fighting contenders:
*Roman- Meaning: "Man of Rome, Strong, Powerful"
*Dexter- Meaning: "Right-handed, skilled"
*Conrad- Meaning: "Wise Counselor"

I also dig the name Rexford, but Dustin put the ax to that one!
(Rex Robbins? Come on, that's like the coolest name ever!)

His middle name is the only for sure deal. It will be Franklin. Just like Dustin's middle name, his Dad's middle name and two of his grandpa's. I LOVE Franklin. If he hates the name we pick for him, we can always default with Frankie.

I'll be letting all of you know real soon what Baby Robbins will be called!!!

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  1. I really like Kingsley or Hudson, those are my 2 favorite from your list:) Happy baby name choosing.....