Wednesday, November 19

21 weeks pregs.

21 Weeks!!! Hooray! He's moving more and more everyday which is such a neat thing to experience. I had my brother feel yesterday while the baby was kicking in one spot over and over. Needlesstosay, Vinni wasn't too amazed. He was actually quite freaked out and pulled his hand away quickly commenting on how the baby feels like an alien! I enjoyed it. I smiled for the rest of the day! When Dustin got home, I tried to get the baby to do it again for Daddy, but he must have been tired because he wouldn't kick. Dustin just kept saying "Leave him alone, he's had a long day!" But I kept squeezing my belly saying loudly "Come on buddy, kick for Mommy!" He had had enough of me I think!

My baby is now as long as a carrot and weighs about a pound give or take. I praise God for the baby being healthy and strong. Dr. says he's doing great!

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