Wednesday, September 2

Never come between a boy and his second helping

Dinner tonight was pears & b-a-n-anas with flax seed meal. I only gave him fruit for dinner because I was pureeing pears and gave him a quick taste. And when he started screaming for more, I put him in his high chair and let him go to town.

He looks awful sweet until the jars empty....

He happily finished one jar, squealing and fake crying in between bites.
I couldn't shovel the stuff fast enough.

So I ran to the fridge and grabbed another tiny Tupperware of pears and bananas...
But didn't run fast enough.

The wrath of Conrad was upon me.
So I hurried and fed the beast fast!

And as clear as day he spoke! He was all, "That's IT? I wanted MORE Mama! MORE! RAWR!"
And smoke started coming out of his ears and a little puff of fire out of his mouth singed my nose hairs, and then I was all, "Hey! you quit it right now! Conrad's not the boss!
I'm the boss!" (But I so was NOT the boss.)

He promised to behave if i let him lick the jar.
It was a fair compromise.
He then had a celebratory day dream and let his double chin take a rest under his first chin.

It was epic.


  1. wow.this is the most hilarious thing I have seen of Conrad so far. and your commentary. priceless.

  2. These are some seriously cute pictures. He's a doll. I can't wait to feed Pyper "solids" I'll probably start at 4 4 1/2 months. Jimmy and I were talking about the homemade thing. I might be getting some ideas and help from you here in a couple months.

  3. Making your own food is surprisingly simple, cheap, and you know exactly what's going into your baby's body, which is a good feeling. Plus, it's yummier when there arent preservatives added-baby food always tastes like a penny to me. I puree fruit and have a bite, and then feed him a bite...i think when he sees me eat it, it encourages him to eat it too.

    It's not as time consuming as I anticipated it being. I probably make food 2 times a week.

    The kid has a personality. He's pretty mellow, but get's riled up from time to time and it makes me laugh.