Wednesday, June 3

10 things that make me very happy:

1. Holding Conrad after he eats in the middle of the night, smelling  his hair.
2. When my husband leaves me sermons to listen to before he leaves for work.
3. Gangsta' rap 
4. speakers on my jogging stroller so everyone running by can hear my gangsta' rap
5. cup cakes
6. nightly foot rubs 
7. bargains & projects
8. Polaroids (Someone please tell me why I threw my Polaroid camera away that I bought from Tracy  FOR 3$ at her yard sale??) pissed...I'm sure I could have had it repaired. Idiot. 
9. scalding hot showers
10. that first sip of hot coffee in the morning 

What 10 things that make you very happy?


  1. My Top 10 Favorite things:
    1. My husband waking me up with coffee every morning.
    2. Watching my daughter become an awesome mom.
    3. My son and daughter saying "I Love You Mom" everytime we hang up the phone.
    4. Jason Mraz music makes me smile and LOL.
    5. Camping with no phone service.
    6. Anthropologie clearance sales!
    7. Conrad, Conrad, Conrad, Conrad!!
    8. Spiced Hot Tea late at night.
    9. My husband telling me "It'll be alright". . . and it is!
    10. Blueberry pancakes & Eggs for dinner.

  2. LOL.

    Could you be anymore adorable???

    I think not!

  3. My Top 10 Favorite things:
    1. My girls telling me I am the best Mom they ever had. Which is hilarious to hear because I am the only Mom they have ever had. Too funny.
    2. Justice telling me she will love me even when she is a teenager. LOL. We will see about that one. I want to get it in writing.
    3. When my husband tells me I am beautiful.
    4. Really good christian music that makes you cry.
    5. Going to church on Sunday and almost peeing my pants because my pastor is super funny.
    6. Feeling baby Xander mave around like an alien!
    7. Shopping! Especially sales and thrift stores.
    8. The whole family just laying in bed cuddling before bedtime.
    9. Taking the kids to the pool.
    10. Kalbi ribs, rice and macaroni salad! YUMMMY!

  4. You're a words of affirmation kind of girl...

    I'm that way too. I have to be told how amazing I am by my husband.

    Love you Des. Can't wait to see Xander