Saturday, March 14

This Week...

This week, My Mother in law blessed us with a fridge full of groceries from Trader Joe's to help get us ready for the baby and I thank her very much! It was such a joy to walk around the store and grab whatever my little taste buds so desired. I felt like I had won the grocery lottery! It was a blast.

This week, I saw my sons face on the ultra sound machine, and asked the doctor to check for any deformities, and asked if his chord was wrapped around his neck, and asked her why his head looked like an alien-head, and asked if I had enough amniotic fluid, all in one panicked breath, and she respectively told me to CHILL!, and reassured me that every baby looks like an alien. What a relief, my baby isn't the only one!

This week, I thanked God for the last two pairs of 36x36 khakis at Old Navy that were on sale, and then excitedly brought them home for the husband to model. (You try having a tall-beef-cake of a husband and tell me how impossible it is to find pants that aren't high waters.) It was a glorious gift from the Mother in Law! (Thank you)

This week, while taking my bro Vinni to pay billz, we stopped off at Motion City Hot Dogs in old Henderson and chowed on some delish dogs with onions and crout.Then we were given markers to write our names on the restaurant walls, and Conrad had to have his name on the wall too, So I let him write it....Just kidding y'all, he can't write yet.

This week, my little brother called me just to tell me that theres a guy on his baseball team for work named Conrad and that he thinks our baby's name is really awesome. Thanks Brandon!

This week, I hung out with Sofia & Avery. She made me a piece of toast with Nutela, and chips with mango salsa, and when Troy saw me feasting on my delicious snacks, he said "Someones obviously pregnant!" Then we watched her birthing video which was amazing. I cried, asked questions, said "Oh-my-God" and needed a hug afterwards....then I kissed Avery's sweet-chubby-perfect-happy-beautiful face and felt really blessed to get to have a chubby baby of my own in 3 weeks!

This week, I am 37 1/2 weeks pregnant and I look like this:

and my baby is this big:

and he looks like this: (with his cute little alien head and all!)


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  1. i bet hes going to have super blonde curly hair.