Monday, April 12

I've been replaced by Mr. Cup-hand Man

I've let it slide for a few weeks now,
but the last few days have really driven me over the edge....
From the time he was born up until he was about 11 months, I was his world. Now, he doesn't even know I exist. Every time I try to rock him to sleep, feed him, sit next to him while he eats his dinner, change his diaper, you name it HE CRIES. But once I hand him off to Dustin, he's as quiet as can be.

At first I thought it was cute and it made me feel all warm and fuzzy,
and now It just pisses me off.

who carried you for nine months?

who went through 24 hours of labor to bring your alien shaped head into this world?

who blended fresh fruits and veggies to your liking for your belly to enjoy?

Who gave you breast milk for 6 months?!

ME! I did!

and this is what I get? A baby who lunges out of my arms towards your father, kicking and screaming, clawing and scratching me to get away anytime he's in the room.
You seem to always want your Dad INSTEAD of me! It's just rude!
I get that you and your dad have these magical, father-son times together when you think I'm not watching.....but I'm watching, and it's not cute- IT'S RUDE!
Why can't Mommy have warm-fuzzies with you?

I know your Dad does "Mr. Cup-hand man" voice in the bath tub and throws foam letters at the wall like throwing stars, but I can do those things too!
I'm cool like Daddy! I can do Mr. Cup-hand Man voice too!

I know you and Dad have your little "make out" sessions, and you think he's the coolest guy in town, But I like getting snuggles and kisses too!
Where's Mommy's slobbery kisses?!

I really don't know what to make of this preference thing. It's sweet, but it's kind of frustrating in the middle of the night when he's had a fever and he's crying and throwing his body off of my lap in every direction, red faced and covered in tears, drool and slobber.....until I finally call Dustin into the room. Right when he goes to Dad, he's calm as can be.

Literally, the instant that he falls into his Dad's arms,
he sighs and closes his eyes. WTF?!?!

He's also started crying when Dustin goes to work in the morning.
Which is totally awesome by the way.

I've been traded for Mr. Cup-hand Man.
It's super depressing actually.

I don't get it!


  1. oh my goodness these are the cutest pictures ever!!
    i especially love the picnic ones!!

  2. i love the pictures with his dad.. it is so sweet! and he loves you too dear!

  3. Sooo sad!!! I think it's a boy thing. My girls still prefer me but one of my besties has a baby boy... just turned one and he'd choose his dad any day. Dads are just really cool. But that little man of yours is sooo sooo cute... you could never be mad at him!!! Especially in the bathtub with the cup hand man. CUTE.

  4. Chelsea!!! This is the funniest thing I've read in a long time, complete with pictures to bring it all to life. I do feel bad that you are sad, though, and I want you to know that Levi is really starting to prefer his Dad, too. And for all those same reasons: his Dad is animated, fun, and so darn creative with toys...I'm like, "How the heck did you think of that?" Anyway, I feel you sista!

  5. to be honest, i'm actually really sad for you. whenever i read something with emotion, it immediately draws me in and it's weird, and sounds stupid, but by your words, i know how you're feeling. and it sucks. and i'm jealous for little conrad for you too. so i'll be praying. don't worry sister love, God totally knows what's going on and totally knows WHY, so just lay all of your anxieties about this at His all-knowing and perfect feet!
    xoxox i love you. i'd pick you over dustin. because, well, that'd be weird... haha!

  6. Jack is doing the same. In fact, yesterday after his nap he tantrumed for an hour straight. Everything I tried to do he rejected. Then the husband walks through the door and I kid you not, mid scream, he goes "hiiiiii!" and starts smiling and goes to hug him.

    If Jack wants dada all the time then maybe dada can just potty train him himself. Since they're BFF's and all...And I'll take my rejected ass shoe shopping.

  7. I'm being dramatic-It's really cute actually. I just finally know how Dustin felt when he couldn't calm our son down and Conrad only wanted ME.

    Oh how the tables have turned.

    amanda, you're too funny. I agree, if they want to continue their LOVE FEST, go right ahead!

  8. I want to think that this would give me sweetlove feelings..but I know I would be pissed. Kind of like when I thought it was cool that my baby looks JUST like my husband...until I stopped thinking that was awesome and got kinda pissed that I carried her forever and she looks NOTHING like me. Pshhh babies.

  9. So you are sitting next to me complaining about your boobs and how you feel sick but we both know its because you just ate a egg soaked in bacon fat sandwiched between mayo and cream cheese. And turkey. AND capers! Gross. You just asked me if the TV remote was the fan remote, which is a pretty weird thing to ask. You just asked Conrad where your sandal is, like he knows. Anyway, your blog is always beautiful and you take awesome pictures and your funny. Love you.

  10. How DARE you out me!

    I DID NOT just eat an egg sandwich with cream cheese cooked in bacon grease.

    I dont know where you come up with this stuff sofia.

    That sounds utterly disgusting...... more like, utterly delicious.

  11. The reason why I just laughed out loud at, 'That sounds utterly disgusting...... more like, utterly delicious." is because I totally could picture you saying it, and I know EXACTLY how you would say it and it's really funny. It would really be great if I could bring myself to do anything but read people's blogs during Avery's nap time.

  12. it would seem that God is graciously giving you insight into how we make him feel, even through this imperfect life analogy.

  13. I don't know what it is about dad's but Jimmy has the ability to make Pyper laugh and laugh and laugh and makes the silliest stuff up all day...and then there's me. If I get her to giggle I've accomplished something and I just can't come up with some of this stuff like Jimmy does. Makes me feel like a loser really.

  14. awe :( i'm sure its a phase but one that makes your heart hurt. gosh i hope dexter doesn't go through this, i'm all he has.

  15. Hahaha! No worries... it's normal for boys to feel that way with daddies. It's all play with dads while we moms have to impose the rules. We say NO, dads don't say NO. So it's really fun for the little boys.

    My kids use to be like that when they were babies but when they got older, they went back to being super close to mommy.

    Awesome pics by the way... I love how you captured every moment. xoxo

  16. ps, left you something on my blog, beautiful woman of God. xoxox