Thursday, April 8

weekly Surf:

So this week, I was standing at the checkout at Trader Joe's when a peculiar scent seeped in from outside. I tried to figure out where It was coming from, or who in Gods name would have the balls to get high right outside the front door of Trader Joe's. I pushed my fat baby and groceries over to my car (which was parked in one of the front parking spots-RIGHT in front of the building), and to my disbelief, I see a kid who didn't look a day over twelve, blatantly smoking his weed right out of a soda can. I get my kid out of the cart when suddenly my little pot smoking buddy looks up at me.

Pot smoking buddy: Whatttt?!

Me: Really? You're just gunna sit here
and smoke your weed RIGHT INFRONT OF TRADER Joe's?!

Pot smoking buddy: This ISN'T weed!

Me (In a loud-annoyed tone): GO find somewhere ELSE to smoke your pot!!!!!

Then I walked away shaking my head, baby in one arm, bag of groceries in the other. I bucked my baby securely into his car seat and sat there thinking "Oh my gawd, I'm THAT lady!" I paused, sitting there longer wondering if calling the little dweeb out was totally lame of me to do, and then realizing that I've totally turned into a square since having a child, Then I got even more pissed wondering where this kid gets off smoking pot so shamelessly IN FRONT of a public place. I was infuriated driving away cursing to myself-at the little nerd boy.

I'm really OK with being a square.

The latest on the photo blog

check out cadence revolution for a free running mix

go purchase one of my friend Lizzy's fabulous knitted treasures
{I'm giving away something she knitted next week!}

what are your thoughts on high waisted swim suits?

Have a blessed weekend!
(and don't think you can smoke your pot out in the open
while I'm trying to buy my groceries because chances are,
I'll get all ghetto on your ass!)


  1. I love those swimsuits! If I wasn't such a fatty, I'd totally get one.

  2. You smoked pot? Thats funny!

  3. bahaa! this made me laugh..out loud. (or lol? is that what they call it these days?) :) you go, ghetto mama! you go! happy wkend!

  4. no, that wasn't ME, it was a kid at trader joes.

  5. Idda smacked the can out of his hand and hope it cut is pot stankin lips. I kid you not. Don't get me started on the pot issue...ugh.

    And I've been looking for a high waisted suit to cover up these stretch marks! I've got a narrow torso, and wide hips, so I really dig this look.

  6. I was JUST looking at that site for a bathing suit! And I love high waisted. If you can pull it off you are the object of my envy!

    I can't believe that kid! I'm pretty damn liberal on the weed issue FOR ADULTS! RESPONSIBLE ADULTS (your body, your money, your life)! But some kid?! And some kid in public, no less?! I would have done the same, especially with my son in tow. I don't need my two year old inhaling weed fumes while I'm picking up groceries. Good for you for having the huevos rancheros to tell the kid something!

  7. I think the lack of respect for other peoples space, and the lack of respect for authority pissed me off.

    Did he think it was ok? That's what i hate. Kids these days have no boundaries-it's like he didn't even care who saw him because he knew no one was going to give a rats ass.

    I said i'd never wear a two piece again, but I've got a new love for my body-and I'm going to rock what I got this summer. I've been on the prowl for a cute suit.

  8. Exactly! There's this sense of entitlement and overall lack of respect with today's youth that absolutely drives me bonkers! I live pretty much right behind a mall and I see these kids ALL THE TIME. I always find myself wondering "don't you have parents somewhere?!" I could go on and on about this forever...

    BUT, I on to lighter subjects- I think you could totally pull off the high waisted suit. You should go for it!

  9. hahahahaha... I love how he tried to tell you it wasn't weed he was smoking OUT OF A CAN!

    you are such a mom! its adorable.