Tuesday, April 6

Readers show off spring fashions: Jenny

Levi knows a pretty mama when he sees one!
{Her purple skinny's are my fav.}

I asked my friend Jenny (who is currently serving the Lord in Africa) to send me some pics showcasing a few of her favorite spring fashions. She has some killer taste in clothes-and I wanted her to share a bit about what she and her husband do. I love her!

"My take on fashion is pretty simple. I'm not into labels and I don't keep up with the latest runway trends. I LOVE street fashion and subscribe to over a dozen blogs from around the world featuring photos of people wearing everyday outfits. This is truly where I get my inspiration. I love people that think outside the box when it comes to fashion. I love mixing vintage with new, trendy with weird. I rarely match colors in my outfit...I like colors to pop, not to align with something else. I'm a HUGE thrifter, and that is definitely how I get 90% of my clothes. If I'm going to shop anywhere, it will be H & M, Urban Outfitters (where I used to work, whoop whoop), Target, and Forever 21.

My husband and I currently live in Senegal, West Africa, where we have been for the last three years. We take care of 15 high school girls, whose parents are missionaries all over West Africa. They come to boarding school because it's the best option for them to get an American education, as well as have a normal high school experience with friends, sports, etc. We love what we do most of the time, but taking care of 15 teenage girls has its challenges for sure. Add onto that our 10 month old son, Levi, and you've practically got yourself a reality show. =0) Being over here also seriously limits my options for shopping. We literally have no stores here. I shop at a used clothing market almost every Saturday, with clothes sent over from Goodwill, Savers, and other charity shops. It's not the most ideal set up, but it's my life and I know without a doubt that God has us hear to do his work."



  1. i love LOVE her sense of style AND what she is doing for the Lord over there in africa!!! she is one hot mama!!

  2. DEFINITELY agree with Brooke! WHAT a doll! What's her blog link? I would love to follow her while she's over in Africa! ♥

  3. Is that the girl who did The Body Shop thing at your old apartment? Was it your apartment? I don't remember. Shes cute and looks amazing for having such a young baby!

  4. PS. Have you read that blog The Brewery? Its hilarious. Makes me want to rip my shirt off. You should totally plug it on your blog since you have 503,209 followers.

  5. Yes, she was the one who did the body shop thing at my old apt.

    HEAR THAT JENNY?! People want to read your blog!
    START A BLOG! :)

    AND everyone, read Mrs. Beers blog while you're at it!

  6. How gorgeous is she? Her work sounds intense and amazing. Thanks for sharing her story & style!

  7. Inspiring- her work and her style! She's is very easy on the eyes.

    Also, I've read The Brewery (de-lurking) and it's pretty fantastic!

  8. She's adorable and I would read her blog fo sho... if she had one:)

  9. In the last picture it appears as if her baby is holding her in mid air. Which, is awesome.