Monday, April 5

Easter, fish balls, and a blind man kicking my butt at an egg hunt!

"The dirty egg needs a bath....he is smarter than you, at least by half....
you'll look till your head begins to spin....then look some more, the fun begins!"
There's the egg! In the washing machine! WHAT??!
He's a tricky one, my Dad.
My sister finding an egg.
My parents.
My bro and huz finding eggs.
My brother is 75% blind and destroyed us at the egg hung.
The fam.
(Everyone is squinting because I had them faced towards the sun like an idiot.)
We had a great Easter doing an Easter egg hunt at my parents house and getting fat off of my Dad's amazing cooking. My dad writes up 13 riddles each year and has us GROWN kids running around the house trying to find eggs! We've been doing this tradition for years. It's actually really fun.
We feel like retards when our old man (who had brain surgery) out smarts us.

Saturday we went to church (who goes to church on their date night?!) lame asses. It was a wonderful time of worship and reflection of what Jesus did, taking on death so I could be reconciled to God etc etc. Afterwards, we ate at a Vietnamese restaurant and I ordered a sea food plate. I was too tired to look and see what was in it, and Dustin already ordered, So I just pointed at the picture and that's what I got. But before the adorable-teen aged waitress walked away, I quickly asked what the dish consisted of.

Me: What's actually in it?
Cute Asian girl (with cute Asian accent): Um, squid, shrimp, vegetables, fish balls, noodles.....
Embarrassed, cute, turning red, Asian girl (with cute Asian accent): NO! Not "fish's BALLS!" Like, pieces of fish, cut up and rolled into balls, then deep fried!
Me: Oh yes, of course. Fish balls. Duh! That's what I meant! Fish balls!!!! (Insert nervous laughter)

wow. I'm a damn idiot.
It's OK.
It's Easter.
Give a white girl a break!
Jesus is risen!
Praise the Lord.

Fish balls.....
I'm sure I'm not the ONLY one
who has ever asked that question.


  1. Hahahah... that's really funny about the fish balls. and your dad? what a wonderful riddle writer for the egg hunt. that's so adorable. glad your easter was lovely!

    Love you.

  2. Love the egg in the machine! And your Mom is adorable.

  3. The riddle thing is awesome. I'm so awful at riddles I'd be out of the race immediatly.

  4. Fish balls! *snort* How to tell when a girl has been thoroughly corrupted by her husband and the male mind! ;) I do stuff like that all the time, gosh darn hubby's. You guys are one cute family!