Sunday, October 4

hot oven door + tiny hands = sad face

Never, I repeat, never check on squash while
holding your baby on your hip.

Or this might happen...
The blister actually doubled in size by the time we went to the hospital.
I'm bummed i didn't have my camera so you could see how sick it actually was.
It was sick.

Now that he's reaching for things and interacting with the world more I need to pay attention to the dangers around him. Like OVENS! I had him on my hip because he was extra needy and I thought I could multi task and I was wrong.

{Long story short} The night that it happened, it didn't look bad enough to take him to the er. So we soaked it in cold water, gave him Tylenol, walked around the neighborhood to calm him down, and he went to bed around 7:30. Next morning a blister had formed, but he didn't seem to be in pain. He was grabbing things with his hand, he ate 2 jars of baby food, took a 2 hour nap and was fine. Later in the afternoon, the blister had gotten so bad we had no choice but to take him. {this was after our good friend Rajeeve who is a pediatrician in San Fran saw a picture we emailed him and said to go ahead and go. We call him for just about everything. He's much easier to get a hold of than my pediatrician. He was also in our wedding. He's legit.}

So anyhow. We go to the burn unit at UMC, wait an hour in between everything they do. Hospitals are so annoying. They make you wait so long. Didn't those doctors know I only had 1 more diaper in my bag! while they were taking their sweet time, Conrad was missing out on his second nap! Don't they know! I was glad that for the most part, he didn't fuss or cry about his lack of sleep and he was very good about getting poked and prodded.

Prepare to get interrogated by everyone in the hospital if you burn your child.
I had to tell the story over and over so
they could make sure I didn't intentionally harm my child.
I honestly couldn't believe the doctor was so heartless to me about it. He was like "Most parents take their 6 month old baby to the emergency room right away, they don't wait a day or so. Most parents don't hold their 6 month old over an oven, that's why your story seems so hard to believe....Next time, just bring him in right away!"

Whatever, he was doing his job, i get it. There are creeps in this world who put out cigarettes all over their babies and harm them on purpose which makes me want to kick them in their balls {or boobs if they are woman} but seriously, it's sickening.

He meant well, but he really drove the nail in pretty hard to a mom who already felt like a complete retard.

Everything is good. He doesn't seem to be in any kind of pain except for his pooper. The pain meds have made him extremely constipated. He's been eating prunes and turning red in the face grunting and holding his breath trying to push it out, and all we've got to show for it so far is a little nugget, nothing to celebrate about yet. The only good thing about a constipated baby is watching them make poop faces.

Conrad's pouty face before his bandages got changed today:

We'll be going back to the burn unit every day for the next 5 days
to have his bandages changed by this guy: Gus.
He's a cool dude.


  1. bless your heart! and bless his heart!! he still is absolutely the cutest kid i have ever seen!

    don't worry, everyone makes mistakes...even mommies! :)

  2. poor baby!! (I wrote poop at first on accident and laughed because Conrad isn't doing that)

    you are an amazing mama don't let that doctor talk smack!!

    Love you and give the Rad man a squeeze for me :)

  3. oh poor baby, do they think it will scar? dont feel bad, babies get into all kind of trouble and hurt themselves all the time- its part of growing up. I have some bad stories like that, i think all moms do.

  4. could he be any cuter?!

    don't be too hard on yourself- we're all bound to make mistakes! He looks like he is doing well anyhow :) such an adorable little boy you have!!

  5. That's a scary looking blister!!! Glad to know your little one is ok.

  6. Thank you guys. I know i'm not the worst mother who ever lived, but it still makes me mad that this happened.

    They said it probably will scar, but it's not that big of a deal because it's on the inside of his hand and it should heal pretty good.

    (Casssy, I tried to post a comment on your blog, but it wouldn't let me verify the word thing. :( anyways. Glad you've got a blog going. Good to hear from you!)

    Thanks for all the love girlies!