Tuesday, October 6

Groupies for a night

Happy 25th Birthday Allison

My sister Allison turned 25 on the 24 of September. For her birthday, her only wish was to have all of her siblings hit the town together and see her favorite band, Steel Panther. I'm not necessarily a night owl, so waiting until midnight for a concert was a big deal for me.

I wasn't quite sure what I was in for. I was told that these crotch grabbing, tube sock in their leopard spandex pants wearing, long teased hair with bandannas, man-liner sporting, lip pouting, sexy eye squinting, (like Brett Michaels), grinding on groupies on stage- kind of 80's hair bands had the ability to make woman swoon, and I didn't believe it until I was lost in a trance of their mystical drawn-out guitar solos. Or maybe It was the entire crowd in unison singing Journey that made me fall more in love with them, or maybe it was the distinct stench of Aqua Net wafting through the air as they whipped their long frizzy, teased hair back and forth with each head bang. Whatever it was, I'm proud to say, I got bit by the Panther and I'm head over heels. After the show, my sister asked me what I thought of them.
"I LOVE them, I want to marry all of them....!" was my response to the amazingness that is Steel Panther! RAWR!
{Allison's future husband, "Lexxy Foxx"}

My brothers friend caught my sister and I staring at the lead singers tube sock bulge in disgust. My sister kept saying "That's so sick!" and a few moments later, she would say again "God, that's gross!" Those tube socks were like a car wreck, you just couldn't look away. The bulge was out of control. We were laughing so hard I was crying. The guitarist wearing leopard leggings with boots was pretty ridiculously-awesome as well.

What a night.
Happy 25Th
(We're a quarter old! Can you believe it!)

Love you so much-you big sister you!

For those of you wondering,
she's my step sister and we're both born on
the same day, a month apart!

{Pretty magical}


  1. Ps,

    I DO NOT want to marry any of them....

    .....& their tube socks DO NOT turn me on.

    Just a clarification.

  2. Happy birthday, sister!!