Sunday, October 11

Dream homes

{green tile kitchen: center picture}

Every girl dreams of what her dream home would look like. I've always said I wanted a claw foot tub, a chandelier, miss matched glass door knobs on every door, a counter top made of butcher block so you never have to use a cutting board, window seats in the kids rooms, old Asian rugs throughout, dark wood floors, black and white checkered floors in kitchen and bathrooms and a kitchen just like Tyler Florence's with the green tile on the kitchen walls... like this one, or this one, & definitely this one . When we lived in Texas, when I was little, our house had hard wood floors and antique knobs on everything, old everything and white wooden shutters on the windows.

Oh to dream.

1 comment:

  1. I have ALWAYS wanted a claw foot tub too. I love your dream house. LOL!