Sunday, October 11

Pumpkin Carving Party!

{Sign made out of scrap book paper, ribbon, clothes pins & puff paint.}
{Ghosts made out of coffee filters}
{Great Grandmother's dishes}
{The Twins}
{Their first experiences with pumpkins!}
{squishing pumpkin guts...He ate it after he squished it.}
{Cleaning out the pumpkin}
{Morgan playing with Eliza & Conrad}
{Conrad giving snuggles}

Sat afternoon we transformed our dinning room into a pumpkin carving space with a plastic tarp taped to the floor where the babies/kids could get as messy as they wanted to dig out pumpkin guts. The parents dug out the pumpkin seeds {hoking hazard}, and after the pumpkins were free of seeds, we let the babies explore the pumpkins by smelling, touching, eating and rolling them around back and fourth. I think they had a good time.

We had great friends over for pizza, snacks, apple cider,
and things dipped in chocolate galore.
I set up a little candy station using my mothers candy dishes
{that were passed down to her by her grandmother.}

A great time was had by all.
I think we need to make this a yearly tradition.


  1. I hope you do it next year. Pyper is just to little to play with pumpkin guts this with work. It looks like you guys had a blast. Your just so darn creative.

  2. Great idea for the party, and you did a great job putting it all together. We all had a great time.

    PS. Looks like Conrad is naked and taking a wiz in his pumpkin.

  3. We had such a blast Chelsea! Thanks for lettin' us join you guys. =)

  4. Oh, your pics are lovely and looks like so much fun! I wish we celebrate Halloween at my end of the world:)

    The babies are so adorable!! Are they all yours?

  5. My baby is the one in the last picture. all the other kids/babies are our friends.

    Thanks! We had a lot of fun!

  6. You are so freakin adorable I can't even stand it!!! gah!!! i miss you lets do coffee sooooon! what are you doing this saturday?