Monday, November 2

Our cabin retreat

To honor my favorite daddy blogger, I will post this blog in his style.
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This weekend,

we traded the Vegas

lights for the Utah stars

with our dear

friends Aaron & Morgan.

We got out on the road

and encountered

a few car issues,

a stop at the dealership,

a few calls to arrange

using a back up truck

and after answered prayer,

we were off to Utah to

hibernate in a cabin

and get some much

needed rest.

To avoid


I took some photos

because traveling

makes me sick

Upon our arrival

we opened a bottle

of wine & gave

our stinky babies

a bath.

I told Conrad to

keep his eyes up as

Eliza's rolls pose

as a great temptation

for him.

As you can see

Eliza turns

heads with

those beautiful

baby blues
Aaron lit a fire

and we enjoyed

some tortilla soup

I made the night


I saw trees

when I stepped out

of the back door

as apposed to

dirt and tumbleweeds

when I look out our

door in Vegas.
These two

rugged mountain

men wore lots of

rugged mountain man

flannel. And rugged

matching hats

with ear flaps.


Rugged mountain men

can't have cold ears.
The leafs on these

trees made

the prettiest sound




He ate

his meals

on the table

in this blue

chair, and

when we were

"All done!"

we signed

"All done!"

and mommy was

more excited

than Conrad.

Thank Goodness

we borrowed

a door jumper.

Our little ones

really appreciated it
I explored around

the cabin

and then

we all went to

the gas station to

buy pizza sauce,

and while we were


we decided that

if we were a candy bar

we would be:
(Not appropriate

Morgan scored her a

"Big Hunk"
and I scored

one too

and Conrad

waved from

We ate delicious

food, had great

conversations about

life, spiritual disciplines,

parenting styles, and

were stretched

to understand better

ways to communicate

and love one another.

But more importantly,

we learned that we

suck at spades!

We got our asses

handed to us

over and over

(by the Snows')

It made us realize how bad

we (I) suck at cards.

(You just wait til' the next

trip. We are going

to dominate!)


  1. I was waiting for these pictures. That is one NICE cabin. I bet it was nice to get out of here for a couple days. Eliza has got to be the cutest little thing EVER. Sam's club had these "twin" cabbage patch dolls I almost bought Morgan, but I don't want to get her twin ones. Anyway. Call me this or something.

  2. I swear, you are the most thoughtful soul.

    You're always thinking of the best gifts for people. I love that about you.

    I am pretty certain that you get more of a kick out of giving a gift than the person who receives it.

    Coffee soon my love, i'm planning little play date.