Thursday, November 6

It's a BOY!!

This week we can stop guessing our baby's sex
and finally call HIM a HE!

When we first learned we were pregnant, we always referred to our baby as a "Her" but instinctual, when we saw our baby at the first ultrasound, we both found ourselves saying "LOOK AT HIM!" and "HE'S SO CUTE!" We didn't know yet what the sex was but to us, he acted like a boy. A baby in the womb at 12 weeks looks like a little alien to most, but to us, he was adorrrrable!! My first dream about the baby was me nursing a crying baby boy....Maybe I always knew we were going to have a son. (I think I'm a "Boy Mommy" anyway because I was always such a tomboy growing up. I had Ninja Turtle action figures, scars from climbing trees, and I didn't really dress like a girl. My sister wore cute girlie tops tied up with her belly sticking out, and I wore long shorts and pony tales. It took me a long time to get into make up or shave my legs, something I actually got made fun of a lot for. I was called "Ape girl." That's a whole other blog. I'm just looking forward to doing boy things with our lil' guy. I think I'll thoroughly enjoy it.)

At five months, a baby in the womb looks like a fully formed baby. The Doctor magnified his heart and we could see all 4 chambers working perfectly and beating beautifully. Both Dustin and I gasped at the intricacies of our babies organs. I cried, he laughed and squeezed my hand and we both were in awe and amazement. The Doctor knew we were anxious to know the sex so she got right to it. She zoomed in on his pee-pee, and it was sticking straight out. Dustin knew right away that our baby was a boy. It was the funniest thing seeing his pee-pee sticking right out, we both couldn't stop laughing. To us, the baby looked like Dustin with his long legs and profile, and he acted like me, never sitting still and looking very outgoing. The doctor commented that our baby was very photogenic and wanted us to know, "Here's my pee-pee, I'm definitely a boy!"

(Arrow pointing to baby boy's wiener. His foot is pressed against my tummy in the lower right side of the picture. I think he just might wear a size 14 like his Daddy!)

To celebrate the good news, after work I stopped at the Coffee Bean and treated myself to a Chai Latte and excitedly headed over to Gymboree to buy our baby his first pair of corduroy overalls (with a little stuffed horse that sits in the pocket.)

That night before we ate, we both held hands through a teary prayer thanking God for our Son. We both couldn't stop talking and dreaming about him the entire night.

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