Monday, November 3

Chef Dustin

One of the things that attracted me to my husband is that he loves to cook. He's not super into football, (although he has been obsessing over his Fantasy Football, which he's kicking major butt at!) He's not into cars, or the latest fashion, But he does love a good cook book, or trip to browse the Whole Foods spice aisle. He's constantly in search of something new we've never tried before, which keeps the taste buds growing & gives us quality time together in the kitchen!

When we were first dating, he went through his French phase, where he bought a french cook book and spent his weekends cooking french delicacies (French onion soup with Grier cheese and toasted croutons).

Then there was the Indian food phase where he made a whole Indian themed feast for his roomate and I. He's also perfected the art roasting whole chickens, chicken soup (with home made noddles that are to die for!) And my favorite holiday desserts, Creme Brulee & his sugar cookies from scratch. This weekend, he made a delicious cherry pie that we have now devoured half of!

Most woman would feel intimidated by a man who rules the kitchen, but I take pride in his hobbies, and I get to reap the benefits of them too! While I've been pregnant, his Asian Cucumber Salad with Ponzo sauce, Soy sauce, sesame seed oil and sesame seeds has been on my list of things I've craved.

People relieve stress in different ways. Some people require a cold beer to take the edge off, a funny movie, or a clean house. I like to shop, run, and organize to relieve stress, while the challenge of a new or complicated recepie & time alone in the kitchen does it for Dustin. Usually, he needs one hour of peace and wants to be alone to chop, and concoct. When the baby comes, I'm sure we'll have to find a secure baby gate to keep him/her out from under Daddy's feet while he cooks!!

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