Monday, November 10

Spicy Cheetos....mmmm

When I think of spicy-lime Cheetos my mouth waters, I resist the urge to smile excitedly, I rub my tummy and imagine a thought bubble appear above my head with that little orange Cheetos-cat in it standing there wagging his tail, holding a bag ready for me to devour. It takes all I have to muster the resistance they have over me, but I'm getting better at it. Just last week, after I got out of work, I was at Target checking out, Jonzin' for the bag of Cheetos on the shelf, just one bag, but shrugged them off. Like a crack addict in denial, I was like, "I don't need them..." But knew that since I've been pregnant, I've eaten my way to the bottom of many large Cheetos bags, so I had to "Just say NO!" It's too hard to put them down. Once I've had one, I have to have another handful, and then another......Until my little fingers are stained red with the delicious taste of spicy-lime and I end up looking like the guilty-fat-girl sitting in the passenger seat on our way to Zion, licking my fingers clean. I was too satisfied to be embarrassed and he was kind enough to just laugh at me and think I was cute...even though I didn't want to let Dustin see me crinkle up the empty bag like a fatty!

I've never been one for junk food. Growing up, we never had Doritos or Pepsi around, so now that I'm older i don't buy it. But since I've been pregnant, that's a different story.

I also love me some cholula hot sauce too. I never used it before this Lil' baby came along, but Dustin always has a half full bottle in the fridge. He puts the stuff on everything. So this weekend, I doused my whole omelet in cholula and quickly threw it up. I doused my whole piece of pizza in it, and threw that up too. I think this child may have Dustin's taste buds because i want to drowned my food in hot sauce, and I've never done that before. Nothing is more satisfying than having my whole mouth on fire! I'm addicted!
Miss Cholula herself looking extra savory, tempting me.

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  1. LOVE IT!! I know exactly how you feel. It is still hard for me to stop even though I had my baby 16 months ago!!