Friday, November 14


In choosing colors and bedding for our baby's room, I've found it very difficult to decide & now I only have 4 months to nail it all down. I've never wanted to do a Winni The Pooh theme, or Cars and Trucks theme, or a Blue theme (barf) I want to do a theme that I myself could put in my own room. So I've been on a quest to find the perfect bedding for our little guy. I wanted to do a retro 70's feel with a modern/vintage twist of already used/loved furniture, nothing really matching, and everything having a meaning. I'm envisioning a set of shelves with antique/old fashioned push toys on it, or a sock monkey or two (because they're so cute and I'm obsessed with sock monkeys). We thought of doing white paper lanterns hung from the ceiling over his crib instead of a mobile, and a big chocolate brown or burnt orange shag rug on the floor, and some kind of painting on the wall instead of painting the entire room. I LOVE olive/puke green, mustard yellow, orange, and brown. We'll see what I come up with. But here is a picture that gives me some inspiration close to what I want to do.

A few weeks ago I went to a church yard sale and got about 15 books for our little guy. (I'm a yard sale junkie by the way) I was pretty excited about my finds. I found Dr. Seuss books, Christmas books, Books about Dinosaurs, books about sloths (which happen to be one of my favorite animals. They're the funniest animals to watch because they're so slow, it cracks me up). I also got some classics like Dick and Jane, Good Night Moon, Charlie Brown, and The Three Little Pigs.

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  1. um...sloths are my favorite, too. all you have to do is meet one in real life and you're hooked.

    again with the good taste, chelsea.