Saturday, November 15

Sofia & Avery

Today I went to my dear friend Sofia's house to see her new born baby girl, Avery and spend some time with the two of them. Avery is such a happy, pleasant, and content baby. The only moment she wasn't happy was when Sofia took her onesie off and put her in the baby bath. The moment her little body hit that water, it was evident she was not the least bit thrilled. Avery's cry is very dainty and girlie even at it's highest pitch, it's precious. It's hard not to laugh a little and adore her (even when she's crying). I got to feed her and stroke her little brown fuzzy hairs and give her lots of kisses, which made me imagine when our baby comes. I've already bought a few matching items for Avery and our baby to wear, being that they will only be 4 months apart, they will be dressed up in matching outfits often, i suppose, because i cant resist and it's really cute. Here is a pic from my morning with the newest addition to Sofia's family in her gorgeous purple and white nursery!

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