Monday, November 17

Boy Clothes=Happiness

On super-hormonal, want to/did-cuss-my-boss out kind of days like I've had lately, having cute boy things such as......

make life bearable again. Plus hearing our little boys heart beat today (because I just knew my freaking out was probably freaking him out, and had to make an impromptu Dr's apt. to make sure he's not mad at me and not super-hating me for the crazy hormonal craziness, and that was his reason for the not moving in my tummy all day!) I can just imagine him in there grimacing, with his little arms crossed saying "Mom, you're a friggin' basket case!"

(Am I really this paranoid, making Dr's appointments if my son doesn't move for a few hours???)

And I thought Dustin would be the parent who wouldn't feed our son solids until he was 11 for fear of him not knowing how to properly chew just yet, and chocking on his food!!!

I promise little Dude, when you come out, Mommy will be really fun and not want to tear peoples heads off anymore, and give you lots of kisses foreverandeverandever....I love you already!

(At least I havn't killed my husband yet...He still loves me- I've got that goin' for me!)


  1. i love reading your blog! you are too funny and are going to be a great mom!!!

    I met this little stud at church this weekend who's name was Jevin... so cute. Just throwin that out there :)

  2. Love you Amanda!

    If you're lying in bed at night tossing and turning, thinking of baby names, Holler at your girl! I need all the help I can get!!