Tuesday, November 18

Naming Baby Robbins

Last night I hardly slept because I kept thinking of name combinations and having dreams about names and falling asleep asking Dustin things like "So what about Cletis? Is that too hickish? Lets name him Cletis!!" and Dustin's like "We're not naming him Cletis...that's an old man name." Although I wasn't serious about Cletis, I did have a dream where Dustin was suggesting the name Hayven...."like heaven, but Hay-ven!" he would tell me in the dream.

This whole naming our kid is taking it's toll on me. It's such a serious thing. He's going to be called _______ , or _______ for the rest of his life!
When my mom was pregnant with me, she said she was going to name me Lacey-Jane. Lacey-Jane!!! Can you even imagine me with that southern bell type of name?? Luckily, I got stuck with Chelsea. I'm fine being Chelsea...

When Dustin and I first started dating, I asked him if he had another name he went by because I wasn't thrilled with calling him Dustin, not only that, but my Dad called him JUSTIN for about 2 years of us dating....So changing his name sounded like a good idea. (We never ended up changing his name by the way....)
So do you see my dilemma? Names are such a huge deal. I just have NO idea what it will be. I thought I knew, but now I'm second guessing myself!

If you have any suggestions, please throw them my way, but if you're going to suggest "Thor", "Cletis", "Dustin Jr.", "Oliver" (My Mom's personal favorite), or "Haven" we've already considered all of those options and ruled them out!


  1. I kind of like Hayven :) It is a hard decision I agree, just make sure it is something you are BOTH happy with. I am glad we opted not to compromise for names but instead kept deciding until we were both thrilled with our choices!

  2. I like Dexton. Just saying. Its like Dexter, but different....Dexton Robbins sounds like a movie star...if you like that sort of thing.