Sunday, December 13

That stash makes you look super-sexy

{Good thing my husband doesn't have some weird mustache wearing-while-making out-fetish. It's really hard to kiss when you both have facial hair. I don't know how dudes do it. Dude on dude action is harder than it looks folks. I would have totally felt like a man if I hadn't worn lipstick last night.}
I grew my stash out myself. It only took a few days. So legit.
So serious...
{checking our stashes in the mirror}
{Amy, Kasie, me & Bobbie}
{Charlie & Dustin} Charlie grew his out for reals.
He's lookin' seriously lumberjack-ish and I'm seriously diggin' it.

And lastly since we're on the subject of facial hair....
next time you're around my husband,


  1. These photos awesome. I totally want to stash kiss my man.

  2. i WANTED to do family pics with 'staches and say "have a very hairy christmas" i decided i will have to save it. i couldn't find any and i didn't have time to make any, but maybe next year...and maybe you could be our photographer extraordinaire!

    plus, if i save it until we have a baby, we could have a 'stached baby. oh wait, that means i would have to get pregnant, like, right now. hmmm...

  3. you look beautiful - facial hair and all :)

  4. yes yes that is my little sister :) aka me with long brown hair ha, when I had my hair like that people would swear that we were twins