Friday, December 11

Weekly Surf/Weekly Photos

{I'm tired and teethin'
but I gots' a horsey in my pocket, so I don't care!}

bundled up at the park, laughing and smiling
as he swung back and forth.

Happy Surfing!

baby girl head bands that don't annoy the living crap out of me.
I'll take one of each please! for myself....

ARRRGG!!! perfect for your favorite little pirate

{If you don't click on any other link but this one, I'd be fine with that.}

I don't care what you say, skirted leggings are hot!

I've been searching for the perfect swim suit & found it

a dress my mom would look great in


{Little man, cozy and warm on my hip in the sling shopping.
He would much rather this than the stroller-
but he's turning' into a fatty, so these hip-ridding days are coming to an end.}
Me and Mom sometimes buy fake mustaches out of the quarter machine
and it hurts a little when she pulls it off, but it's totally worth it because
she laughs so hard until she cries, and then I give her a hug. The end.

Have a great weekend.


  1. Omg! The sketchy santas were seriously sketchy. lol I've never liked Santa much... :-/

  2. i love him in a stash!

    buy that swimming suit right now!!! so cute!

  3. I'll wait til it goes on sale. I'm a cheap-o, can't help it. Just couldn't justify spending that much- but oh, would my boobs look great in it...

    How far are you into Greek¿?

    Yeah, he's a crazy little guy.