Friday, November 23

A Million Thanks.

This has been a crazy-wonderful year! I feel like this has been one of our most joyful years yet! So much growth and stretching happened in our lives and in our marriage. My business grew in leaps and bounds. I've never been so busy in my life & it's been such a blessing to have a job that brings me so much joy- even through the late nights of editing when everyone else is fast asleep, I couldn't be happier. I've learned so much about how big (or small at times) my plate is and how much I can handle. The Lord is helping to teach me how to keep myself healthy as far as managing my time, managing this home, these kiddos, my handsome husband & most importantly my relationship with Jesus. It's been sort of a painful thing to realize moments when one of these loves of mine was getting too much attention where another love was being neglected. Finding that balance has been a challenge for me. There have been sessions this year that after leaving, I've been better off than when I arrived. Sometimes when I've had a really hard day, all I need to brighten my day is to pour into myself creatively & get behind my camera! I can't wait to see what this next year will have in store!

It's amazing to me the people who have come into my life this year. I've made some of the best friendships this year that are so so valuable to me. It's funny how certain people walk into your life right at the exact time that you were needing them.

A million different things to he thankful for. My heart bubbles over with gratitude. 
I could go on and on but I'll just leave you with a few photos from our 
Thanksgiving weekend. 

{Breakfast with the in-laws & Elle wearing Conrad's old thanksgiving outfit,
 naps & cuddles on the couch with my darlings, teething Elle, 
& a few family photos Thanksgiving day! }

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Be blessed. 

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  1. you look lovely!

    not sure how you manage it all! but glad you are striving for balance and recognize that sometimes certain loves get too much attention.