Saturday, November 10

Got Bit By The Tummy Bug.

An awful tummy bug got a hold of all four of us this week. It's been rough. I've never experienced what a challenge tending to sick people can be, while being sick myself.

At one point I had a hand on Elle's back as she leaned over a towel on the floor dry heaving and trying to throw up when all of a sudden my whole lunch (turkey taco salad bowl with extra jalapeƱos, which was delivered to me by my sweet husband who had not yet been kicked in his balls by this nasty little stomach bug & felt sorry for me Friday because I was sick at home with sick kids, so he dropped off lunch.....) this delicious taco salad bowl isn't as delectable on it's way back up... because you were wondering. Those damn japs! My throat hadn't been on fire like this from the burn of japs since I was pregnant and craving them raw-then throwing them up every other day. Those were fun memories.

Seeing enough woman in labor I know how powerful a hand can feel on your back when you feel helpless and your body is doing something you cannot control. That simple touch says I am here to help, I've got you, you're safe, you're going to get through this & you're ok. It can really put some hope back into a defeated heart and make you feel not so alone. So I've got a hand on Elle telling her it was OK, mommy was here, go ahead and throw up.... all the while I'm gagging and barfing along with her on that same towel as she's crying and also trying to grab at my turkey taco salad bowl on the towel-gag me now!

Being the sick nurse is no fun.

So the crappy part of the story of how we all got sick in the same weekend is that I also had a wedding to shoot. This would be the first time I would have to use a back up. I hated the feeling of not being able to work and having to instead be the nurse to my family when I too was feeling so awful. Thankfully everything went well and the wedding was just fine (thanks Leslie!)

As impossibly as it is to play and teach my 3 year old while my 1 year old wants nothing but to be held and sleep in my arms, we got through the day. Thankfully, lots of Yo Gabba Gabba, quiet toys & the help of my trusty ring sling, we survived. I tried many times to rock Elle and place her into her bed but she knew what was best for her. We spent the better part of Friday snuggled close, which made the fact that I hadn't gotten to shower and take care of myself much that day all worth while. (This motherhood thing is really not as glamorous as some make it seem....) I hadn't had Elle in the sling sleeping like this since she was maybe 4 months old (she is now 15m) and i usually carry her on my hip in the sling. Crazy that this big lady could still fit and sleep for as long as she did. I made Play Doh birds, trees & a cozy nest with Conrad at the kitchen table while Elle took a good long nap in her sling.

I thoroughly enjoyed sleeping next to my baby girl all through the last two nights, even though we didn't get much real rest. I knew the very moment she was starting to gag and could grab a towel. Having her near with her little face towards mine, her little legs intertwined between mine and being able to tickle her tiny back made me feel like I was really loving her in a new way. I feel fortunate to have such a special relationship already with my precious daughter. She is such a sweet gift from God.

Thankfully, I've got a really special friend (Kasey) who surprised me with a goodie bag of flu essentials. She came to the door unexpectedly today so I wasn't able to have a bra on and look fabulous, but I guess once you've seen your friend give birth, braless-ness isn't a big deal. Thanks girl! I really appreciated your thoughtfulness! Also Morgan, who advised me to buy {this} stuff which I now swear by. Within just a couple hours, I wasn't feeling as queasy. I even gave a small amount to the kids and I felt like they perked up a lot quicker. (You can find bentonite clay at Sprouts & Whole Foods)

Thankfully, we have been puke free for the last 8 hours and everyone is sound asleep.
So I am enjoying some Phil Wickham, the fact that my hair finally got washed 
after 2 days of greasy-gross-mommy nurse duties 
& thankful for some hot tea while I attempt to get some much 
needed work done!

*Thank you for prayers if you prayed for our sorry-sick-butts.
Thank you for your patience if you are a client waiting for your images.


  1. Im glad that you guys are making it through, and that you have been able to cherish those moments with Elle despite the misery. You are a warrior woman. And that last picture of you might be my favorite EVER.....Loves...

  2. Oh, the one with my greasy hair?!

    Yes, I'm gorgeous in that photo!

    Thanks doll. Thanks for your lovely texts and prayers!

    {cherish you}

  3. Puke is the worst! Glad it's hopefully passing!!

  4. so sorry you've been sick! i can totally relate - one time all of got a stomach bug at the same time (me and all 5 kids - thank God my hubby didn't get it so he could help out). it was CRAZY. so glad you're feeling better!
    i'm having a little giveaway on my blog today for an infinity scarf - come and enter! maybe you'll win - that'd be a great way to feel even better! :) take care, lora

  5. Seriously though. That face is priceless. And you are always gorgeous so shutup.

  6. Oh my gosh, these amazing pictures, even when your precious family is totally sick. I love Elle's gorgeous little glowing face. She is a gem and she is a GORGEOUS gift. xoxo

  7. ack! i swear everyone has had or has this darn death bug right now :( so sorry it got you too.
    love catching up on your sweet blog! xo

  8. ahhhh that's horrible! The stomach bug is THE WORST SICKNESS EVER! I'll have to get that stuff, if it helps that's awesome!! Makes me wish I was there I woulda brought you some saltines ;) MISS YOU SO MUCH!! be home in a WEEK !! Vampire diaries and wine/coffee/paninis is a MUST!