Tuesday, November 6

The Strawberry Hat

 We got some fresh air this morning and did some running around. Target, bank & cream donuts at Bread and Butter. Then we were back home for a bounce house/lunch playdate with some friends.

With Conrad feeling under the weather the last few days-it's left us stuck at home so it felt good to get out and about today! It's amazing how draining and exhausting it can be to deal with throw up and runny noses...

But I figured I'd jump on the blog real quick and upload these photos of Elle in her strawberry hat (50 cents at a yard sale!) having her orange juice at breakfast today. I'm so glad my Conrad is acting more like himself- running around like a crazy man so a buddy could come over and play! It's nice to see him with a smile on his face! Sometimes I need playmates just as much as he needs them!
 I snagged these comfy leather high top bootie shoes at the thrift store last week
(7 bucks! Crazy huh?!)
The soles were as clean as can be- don't think they'd been worn once! 
I kind of really love rocking the man style every now and then. 
Now it's nap time for the little dude and more editing for this busy bee.

Have a great election day!

I bet you're just as ready as I am to NOT have to see 
Election crap anymore after today!


  1. her eyes are ridiculously gorgeous!

  2. I LOVE those shoes on you, I LOVE that hat on her, and I miss you guys! Need a retreat to your home sometime soon. xoxoxo