Wednesday, October 31

In between Our Toes & In Our Hair too....

I had a ton of fun driveway finger painting with my darlings the other afternoon. The only rule was you had to get as messy as you could possibly get! The other rule, which Elle only broke 3 times or so was to not eat the paint. I call this a success as my Elle loves to eat just about anything she can find....

Last week while the kids were jumping around in the bounce house in the back yard and I was cooking dinner watching them from the window, I hear Conrad shout, "Mom, Elle ate another snail!" 

Just today I saw her put something into her mouth and I wasn't sure what it was....
as I'm doing the ever-frightening mouth sweep with my finger, I'm hoping to God she didn't find a cockroach or some kind of weird beetle or a penny..... that girl keeps me on my toes. 
I never know what I'll find when doing the mouth sweep.
(Paint and chalk were all washable.)

Happy Halloween! We will be celebrating with our good friends at their house enjoying yummy chili, roasted garlic bread, delicious wine & chocolate cake! It will be fun passing out candy & letting our boys walk around in their costumes together! 

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  1. Um I LOVE THESE PICTURES and I love that the only rule was to get AS MESSY as possible!!! Miss you dear friend.