Thursday, November 24


{Elle in her turkey day outfit, the same one Conrad wore for his 
first Thanksgiving Day when he was 8 months old}

This year we are the attending dinner, not preparing & hosting dinner! Yippee!
It's not that we don't love throwing Thanksgiving dinner, it's that after the last two years of hosting, AND especially after last years fiasco {HA!} We're excited to stroll on over to my brothers house, relax & spend time with family. I just might slip on my "eatin' pants" aka, pants with stretchy waist bands....aka, my extra sexy maternity pants.... don't hate.

I was reflecting yesterday on what I am most thankful for this year and many things came to mind. 
Obviously, I'm thankful for these crazy turkey's, Conrad & Elliotte. I'm also thankful for my marriage, which has sharpened me, stretched me and challenged me in so many ways. I am thankful that Dustin works & goes to school {with minimal grumbling}. His hard work to help provide for us also helps me to persevere when the days are extra tough, I know they're tougher on him. I'm thankful that the Lord has grown us into something so much more than we were when we first got married. I am also so thankful to be a working-stay at home Mom. This job, although so difficult at times, is the joy of my life. Cleaning up poopy bottoms and giving time-outs isn't my favorite part of this job, but when they're grown I will miss when they were young {and squishy} and drove me crazy.

Above all of these blessings, I am thankful for my relationship with Jesus, from which all good things come {James 1:17}. Without his provision, grace & faithfulness, the job of being a wife and mom would be at times, all together hopeless. 

So that's what I'm thankful for this year. Now we're off to go eat some turkey! 
Hope your day is filled with gratitude, lots of calories & those who you love most. 

{Dustin is preparing this & I am preparing this.}



  1. Awesome! Happy Thanksgiving!!!

  2. How cute is she?! I mean really. Happy Thanks giving Chels!

  3. sounds like a wonderful thanksgiving! :) what adorable pictures....i think i've said this before but absolutely love her name! so precious!!

  4. Oh i love Elliotte's thanksgiving outfit!! and how cute that Conrad wore it when he was a wee one too! :)

    i loved reading about what you're grateful for...and your love for your family and God. You are truly blessed :)

  5. hehehe, She is too cute! Hope you guy's had a wonderful Thanksgiving!!!!