Sunday, November 29

Our Thanksgiving:

I used brown paper for a table cloth, and painted a table runner on it
with chalkboard paint so everyone could doodle
while they waited for dinner to be ready!

He wore his thanksgiving outfit that I got at the thrift store!

I put a whole slice of pumpkin pie in front of him and watched it quickly disappear!
We call this the "fat-man-about-to-go-into a deep-food coma face!"

Gran & Allison played tic tac toe

Gran drew a cute lil' turkey!

Nana fed Conrad some garlic mashed potatoes.
We payed the price later that night
when he hit us with some major fart bombs.

Dad enjoying some refreshments, sporting his shirt from his last mission to Thailand.
{This is the 4Th trip he's taken. I'm very proud of him.
I'm thankful for his desire that the lost may know Jesus Christ!}

We've had a great year. When Dustin prayed before we ate, he thanked God that we all had another year together, that we were healthy, that we still had jobs in such a rough economy, and that God was active and alive in our lives.

It felt good to have his family and my family under the same roof joking, eating, and enjoying the holiday together, (even if my house was entirely too small for 15 people, or if my little brother in law only wanted to eat fruity pebbles, or if we were exhausted from cleaning house and cooking food all day.) It was worth it. I hope to have many more chaotic, fun, enjoyable, yummy Thanksgivings with a house bursting at the seams and people I love at the table together!


  1. You are so darn creative...I HAVE to buy that chalk board paint. HAVE TO!!!

  2. So great. Glad it was happy.

    Wrote about you on my blog - btw.

  3. you are the cutest women ever! the idea for the table is amazing!!!

    ps... cute wreath!!!

  4. Thanks guys.

    I read (stalk) your blog (joyfully gray) as well and appreciate you stopping by! Hope your holiday was filled with love.

    Glad you're posting your internet surfs as well. I will be excited to see what you come across in the future!