Sunday, December 4

{The Craziest Little Owls That Ever Lived:}

I didn't care if they were 15$. When I saw these owl jam-jams, I just HAD to have them. When Conrad was a baby bird-boy, I got these for him and ADORED how cute he looked in them (Can you believe Conrad was 6 months old in the linked pictures? What the what? That's what I SAID! Elle is like, such a fatty compared to him and she's only 4 months old!) One of my favoritest things in the whole wide world is seeing Elliotte in Conrad's old pj's/clothes. It zaps me right back to when her brother was a baby, it makes me feel nostalgic, sentimental & puts me back to how it felt to be a new mom with my first tiny-turd. 

This month has only just begun but feels like it's going by SO quickly, I can barely keep up. I've been working a ton (fist bumping Jesus!) but man is it hard to keep the holidays in perspective. I want to be purposeful about keeping this holiday holy-as far as keeping it Jesus centered rather than indulging in the consumeristic aspect of what Christmas usually is. We've been focusing on our advent calendar each day, which has helped. We talk about what Christmas means to us in terms that a 2.5 year old (and a 4 month old HA!) can comprehend, by reading bible verses about Jesus' birth & doing a fun family activity every night. We went to see the lights at the Ethel M. chocolate factory one night, we made "snowman poop" rolls, we watched the Grinch together & made smores. We picked out green and red doggy bones at the pet store for our neighbors dogs & went to visit our neighbor one night to give Violet & Colby their treats. Being creative about how we can celebrate this sacred holiday without being totally stressed out & without making it all about the "I want this!" attitude has been fun. 

{I've been a tad bit neglectful of this here little blog, mostly because I've been a busy momma 
working hard at my other job. More posts coming soon!}

***What fun family traditions do you practice to celebrate the season? 

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  1. good grief she has grown so quick!

    i know exactly what you mean about her wearing conrad's old pj's....every time i pull something out for willow i immediately start reminiscing about when olivia wore it. haha...i looooooooove siblings <3

    ps- looked at your photo blog. love those family photo shots at the top. the coloring is beautiful!