Monday, December 5

Baby Biscuit:

{Those lips!} Gah!!!
The little baby biscuit (as her Dad calls her) loves her bumbo chair. We got it at a yard sale for a few bucks and LOVE it. Her favorite thing so far to do while sitting in her bumbo is taking showers in it. I feel like this chair is one of those necessary baby items that I seriously couldn't live without. It's especially funny when her butt gets stuck in it when I'm trying to get her out. Ha! 

A few people have asking me what "Snowman poop" is. You basically just take a big marshmallow and dip it in melted butter and roll it in cinnamon and sugar and then wrap it in a crescent roll and then roll it again in cinnamon and sugar (real healthy snack right?) and then bake it. I just gave it a silly name just because it made Conrad laugh. It's been pretty cold out, and I haven't wanted to take the kids to the park much (plus, Conrad has a hate/hate relationship with wind. If it's windy at all, he flips out.) SO we've been spending time at home trying to do fun things that his little hands can enjoy, like making SNOWMAN POOP! 

{Happy Monday!} 


  1. I cannot wait to make that "healthy" snack. SERIOUSLY. And I'm so glad you're posting again, I know you've been busy but I've missed hearing from you!

    Love, your creepy fangirl Jordan (just kidding, I am not creepy).

  2. The Bumbo is the best invention EVER! Grace's favorite trick was to poop all the way up her back everytime she sat in it.

    Love the picture of Conrad with his arms around her. Too cute!!

  3. 1st BUMPOS rock my world.

    2nd you have such cute kiddos!!!

    3rd "snowman poop" made me laugh :) I grew up making those too! we would make them during Halloween time and my mom called them ghost rolls because the ghost (marshmallow) would disappear after cooking it :) And I've heard other people doing it around Easter and calling them resurrection rolls because the marshmallow is gone just like Christ was on the 3rd day (at least we wasn't in the tomb).


  4. Haley, that's an awesome idea, to do them for easter! they do dissolve. but they dissolve into the rolls making them extra sweet! yum!

    Jordan, I like you. I don't think you're creepy at all!


  5. Elliot is soooooooo adorable! And Conrad's smile couldn't be any cuter. We are always looking for fun things to do at home so I love your suggestions. Glad things are going well :) :) :)

  6. What a sweet nickname from her daddy! I love it! These pictures are so precious!

  7. Conrad and Elle look a lot alike in these pictures! She's looking more like him - do you think so?

  8. i concur...bumbos=awesome. really the best for the shower!

  9. This is very off topic, but I've been reading your blog since July, and you have to be one of the most beautiful people I've ever seen, personality-wise AND morally AND visually. I'm only 13 and you and your family have inspired me so much already. I hope you and your family have a very good Christmas this year now that your new bundle of joy is here.

    Oh, must I add, Elle and Conrad are ADORABLE. They remind me so much of my second cousins.

    I'm going to try that "snowman poop" recipe one day, too. It sounds delicious!