Saturday, December 15

Today, It Is The Little Things.

Bright colors that put me in a good mood.
Conrad in the car last night listening to his ABC Cd:
Cd: V is for Venus...
Conrad: They said PENIS Mom! On my CD it said Penis!!! Bahahahah!!!! 
Me: Hahahah! You're crazy. They said V-enus! Not P-enis! 
Conrad: Weird because it sounded a lot like Penis..... 
Noticing that the kids are playing nice & having my camera handy to capture moments like this. 
Asking Elle for a kiss during lunch & getting more than I bargained for..... salad kisses!
My darlings wrestling on the couch + 
Elle asking to wear her bike helmet for breakfast before our bike ride. 
Shopping with my girl. 
Staying out late, wearing eye liner & paying the babysitter when 
you get home from a 20's party sure makes you feel like a grown up. 
The kiddos painting ornament hand print gifts. 
Lusting after my husband as he bakes with Conrad. 
Not missing a single memory, even if it means photos of my doll sleeping 
with the remnants of lunch in the corner of her mouth. 
Santa. Yep, he's overrated. 

I had to take some time this afternoon away from editing and reflect. Reflect upon who God is in the midst of this evil that we've witnessed. Spend time in his word soaking it up and digesting it, knowing that it brings me peace and sorts out the chaos in my heart. I needed to spend time reflecting and acknowledging what I'm thankful for; the "little" things that bring me joy. It is something that I needed to do. Process this horrific event with the Lord instead of sitting teary eyed in front of the TV, paralyzed with pain watching CNN.....

I know we're all a little rattled after yesterdays horrific events. I had the news on for just a moment yesterday and Conrad saw my eyes well up with tears. He grabbed my hand and asked why I was making that face.... how do you explain OR do you even attempt to explain this tragedy? It certainly put things into perspective, that's for sure. My heart hurts for those parents who are suffering so much right now. My hope is that the great physician, our healer would sustain those effected, surround them with peace & mend those broken hearts. 

Rev 21:4 He will wipe away every tear from their eyes, and death shall be no more,  neither shall there be mourning, nor crying, nor pain anymore, for the former things have passed away.”


  1. you look so pretty.

    and yes i keep crying from this tragedy:(

  2. You are so unbelievably beautiful. Also, the pics of your kiddos holding hands is amazing and so priceless. AND THE SALAD KISS BAHAHAHAHAHA. And the gorgeous hottie with the baby on her back - OH WAIT THAT'S YOU! And oh my gosh how much your kids hate Santa. That is an amazing picture. I love you SO MUCH CHELSEA.

  3. Thank you for that verse! I was looking for some comfort and found it. God bless!

  4. Thank you for that verse. I am just starting to go back online. I have not read much of the tragedy because my heart hurts so much.

    You look beautiful. Love that picture of you and Elle shopping.

  5. Awwwwe?! I've been out of the loop for soo so long! I'm so happy to see these photos of your lovely budding family! Can't wait to get back in the loop again haha