Thursday, October 20

The Pumptin Patch:

It makes me happy that he calls them "Pumptin" patches! 
October makes me happy.
My kids make me happppppy!

Elle's cheeks are o.o.c. (out of control.) Like for realz. What is she smuggling? 
Someone give her a cavity check!!!!!
YOU THINK I'M KIDDING? Chicks got somethin' in there! 
Those cheeks! THOSE CHEEKS! 
I covet her chubbiness. I urn for it. I drink in her fat little self. 
I want to make myself a little bed in one of her fat, fluffy thigh rolls and cuddle up right in that sweet, cushy roll and take a nap. 

You heard me right. I want to take a nap in my daughters fat thigh roll! 

I do not apologize for loving the deliciousness that is her fat-sweet-baby-lardness. 
I will eat her.
I will.
srsly, I willlllll.....

Behold the sweetest pumpkin that ever lived. 
Prepare your eye balls.
She will astound you.
Those eyes. She will slay a boy or two with those eyes. 
 He kept saying, "TOOT TOOT!" while we rode. What a lil' doodle muffin. I LOVE that trains excite him. I love that every time we see a guy on a motorcycle while driving in the car he shouts, "MOTORCYCLE mom MOTORCYCLE!" I love this little boy-man-sandwich. 
 I'm too cool for this train Mom. 
 Bounce house. 
 The only picture I was able to get with the two of them together: 
At the patch w/ bff Remi

{Have a wonderful day. Vampire Diaries is on tonight. 
I only watch to see Caroline & Tylor make out and or potentially get it on or sort of get it on-possibly. Lets just be real.} 


  1. You're right. Those darling cheeks are ooc. What a doll face! We've yet to hit up a patch this year. Maybe this weekend, you've inspired me.

  2. She is to cute. I love that little pumpkin hat!

    I posted pumpkin patch photos today too. They are so fun. It was neat to look at the ones from the past 2 years of Conrad. They grow up so fast. I can't believe how big he has gotten :)

  3. Whoa whoa WHOA woman. Okay, first of all, sorry I didn't call on Tuesday. I called my mom first because she had talked to Dan earlier that day... (long story. update soon - promise!) and then I had to do my Bible study because I had ladies group tuesday night. Then yesterday two girlfriends came over which was MUCH NEEDED. Anyway, love that sweet little pumpkin you got there... Love BOTH. So cute and chubby and cool and loveable! I bet you love getting to say "my DAUGHTER" now.

    Love you.

  4. Your kids!!! they are beyond adorbs. In those first couple pics of Conrad he looks so much like Dustin! Also elle is getting SOOO fat! even since 2 weeks ago that little sugar has plumped up even more! love it. love you.

  5. i have really been wanting another boy this next time around but i'll have to admit your little girl is making me think twice. :) she is a DOLL. and i love her tights.

  6. adorable! what kind of camera did you use?

  7. OHHHHH! be still my pumpkin' lovin' heart. those cheeks are INSANE. nom nom nom. i hope i get some like that soon :)

  8. Oh my GOODNESS her tights are epic. I need some of those for me! Ah I love your little family, hope all is well with you guys!!!

  9. ooh she is a doll like her mommy !! her thighs are completely edible and yummy...i would never let up on kissing those cute legs !

  10. Conrad looks SO big in these pics!! They are so sweet! I love how little princess just chill and watch her family. Adorable! Maybe you could be a professional baby maker?! :)

  11. Your kids are absolutely scrumptious! I can see why you are ga-ga over them!

  12. What a perfect little pumpkin!!! Oh man she is beautiful. And so is little Conrad of course. Cutest babes.