Friday, October 21

A Clothing Swap:

I held a clothing swap last weekend for 15+ girlfriends of mine and I. What's more fun than shopping 15+ closets?! We enjoyed champagne mimosas, fattening sweets and each other's company and everyone left with "new" duds! I can't wait to  host another swap for the spring! 
At the end of the day, we bagged up about 10 garbage bags full of clothes that will be donated to the Destiny House. 
Dustin helped wrangle the kids, set up the tables and even offered to watch the toddlers upstairs so the other Mom's could have a kid-free hour or two. What'a guy.
Amanda, Sofia & my Mom came to help me set up..... Isn't Amanda a little hottie? 
Landon wasn't interested in all of this girlie stuff.
Tracy & Kristy came and nursed their baby girls with me.
Oh, you didn't realize they were breastfeeding? Yep, they are. Who knew you could feed your  baby,
without a cover (gasp!) and STILL be totally modest about it? 
April, Aubry & Alicia came!
Drea admired a sleeping Elle. I think her baby fever is in full force! 
Sarah & Sofia hanging out in the dressing room:
Whoopie pies & brownies.
 Whitney & Randi chatting away.
 Paulina browsing:
 Madi trying on a pair of pretty flats:
(I wish I had gotten a picture of everyone that was there.)
Thank you, ladies for coming to the clothing swap. I had such a fun time with all of you! 


  1. I love seeing pictures of you taken by someone else. Especially nursing your beautiful baby girl. Wow. It IS so modest, and you are glowing, you're so beautiful Chels. I love you so much and really admire and look up to you.

  2. I've never been to a clothing swap, how exactly does it work? Do you trade something for something or is it just a free for all?? I've been thinking of doing that too!

    PS photos are precious!!!

  3. awwww! looks like a fun day! I love that you were able to host something like this just weeks after having your babe! Way to go Mama! And it seems that you have one awesome supportive hubby... way to go hubby!
    And gotta love that breast feeding pic! Covers are soooooo uncomfortable and complicated!

  4. This is SO AWESOME!!! Makes me wish Vegas was closer so I could hangout and swap clothes with such wonderful gals!!! Thanks for sharing!!!

  5. First of all! I love this!!! I am hosting a Thrifters Anonymous Meeting in two weeks! Second of all, you know TRACY!!! haha oh my goodness! What a small world!! I have been following your blog, your lovely family..and all this time you were friends with a friend of a friend! Elle is getting so big! and I love that you are breast feeding!

  6. How fun! I went to one a couple of weeks ago and got some awesome stuff. I won't fit into it for very long b/c I just found out I'm pregnant. haha! So long to all my skinny clothes :)

  7. I LOVE CLOTHING SWAPS! I'm planning on hosting one in the spring, and I've already started collecting clothes! I've been to two before, and they're just so much fun.

  8. Chelsea this looks like soo much fun! I have to make this happen soon. Also I LOVE the pic of you three ladies breast feeding. That's adorable!

  9. Oh MAN am I jealous! That looks like SO much fun! Great pics and what a sweet husband you have (I know you already know that...)

  10. a clothing sway?? AWESOME. Glad it turned out so great! :)

    And I wanted to comment on the post of your cute little man enjoying this first pumpkin chocolate chip cookies, but there wasn't a link...yay for my favorite fall time goodies!! :) And yay for making sweet messes :)

    Oh and the pumpkin patch pics of your sweet Elliotte!!!!!! Could I join your for that nap in all her chubby goodness?? ;) (please tell me you've seen the "Friends" episode where Joey and Ross nap together? lol)