Monday, October 19

Weekend In Photos:

We saw new sights, new animals, new smells, we fed the horsies some crackers at the pumpkin Patch with our good friends and their lovable twins. New experiences are always exciting.


  1. I love how in your family picture you and Conrad are making the same face. Precious!!! Thanks for enjoying the "farm" with us, it was fun:)

  2. I Love the men baby wearing! Thats the best!

  3. Yea- when we left, I told Dustin that It was fun showing Conrad something new, having new experiences (like seeing L feed the horse a cracker for the first time!) that kind of stuff is so worth it.

    Thanks Catherine. The bjorn has been my husbands favorite baby thing.

  4. Yeah, it was a little too hot for leather boots. The boots kept the dirt off of my feet though. So it was a good trade off.

    {You're hot too! Smokin'}