Monday, October 19

Show off your fashion!

All week I will be posting a photo each day of the outfit I am wearing to celebrate fall fashion week! {forgive me if I'm spotted wearing my mommy uniform: yoga pants & old shirt with baby goo as my accessory!!} I've been inspired by this mommy's fashion, her rad hair cut, her love for her boys & Jesus. Check her out. Please Join in on the fashion festivities if you would like!

Fall Fashion: Day One

I am wearing:
Anthropologie-striped cardigan with ruffle (Mom's closet)
Express- faded black skinny jeans
Express- sheer pink and brown polka dot blouse
Steve Madden- peek toe floral flats (Sofia's closet)
Forever21- hoop earrings


  1. if my accessory wasnt vomit, snot, poop, playdough, and saliva from nine different people, I would totally do this. You go girl. Ill live vicariously through you.

  2. I wish that I had half your style and beauty! I miss you and your mom for shopping buddies.

    love ya both!

  3. Thanks Steph.

    I actually wanted to feature my mom and Sofia. They are the most fashionable girls around. The other day my mom came over wearing a white collared shirt tucked into a short black skirt, with patteren black leggings, and a gray vest with the most adorable heels and layered silver necklaces... She's got amazing fashion.

    Like I said, I can't promise I'll be the most fashionable everyday being that I play with a 7 month old!

  4. those SHOES!! ugh.. me loves them so. i'm off to hunt on ebay. :)

  5. Those shoes are fantastic!! Thanks for playing along!! :)

  6. loooving that tank! so so cute I can't wait until my boobs go down (currently nursing) so things can be lose and baggy again :P

  7. i really wanted to join you in this...but guess who hasn't dressed in normal people clothes even ONCE this week...

    yea, it's sad, but i decided i would be cute at least one day, so i could at least attempt it. we'll see if it happens.