Saturday, October 15

She's Too Young Still To Really Appreciate "Mr. Cup-Hand Man."

The way she curls her toes in delight.
The way she looks up at her Dad as he calls her "Honey girl" and washes her squishy-fat-juicy thighs.
Her brothers laughter, which was loud enough for the neighbors to hear.
The bubble gum scented Elmo bubbles that my two year old just has to eat to know for himself that these  delicious smelling poppy things were not in fact edible.
The bubble-Santa beard on his sweet little face. 
The hubby who didn't even change out of his work clothes before he heard us in the bathroom 
and had to come join in on the fun when he got home. (love that man.) 
The sweeter-than-the-bubble-gum-scented-Elmo bubbles unprompted hug from one big bro
 to his little sis that made my heart beam with love.... 
The look of pure terror in her eyes when that big bro I mentioned
 gave her that unpromted hug I mentioned.....
She was thinking, "Surly, he will crush my body and destroy me. Surly he will squash me to pieces."
This elated Momma thinking, "Wow, this really is heaven watching the two of them grow up together."
His little nakey bum. 
(One day, she'll giggle herself silly laughing-til-she pees at Mr. Cup-hand man. )

Tonight, while putting this post together, I thought to myself, 
"They'd be really blessed to have the type of relationship with each other that Vinni & I have...." 
I have THE BEST brother in the  whole wide universe. 

{What up bro. Love you!} 


  1. oh my... they are both sooo cute.

  2. they are so so sweet together :) love this post!

  3. Yay! They're a handful, but it's so nice to see them as good friends, isn't it?