Saturday, October 15

Sweet Mornings Like These:

When I watch this video, I think:
1) He is the BEST brother ever. I want to bottle up his sweet 2 year old voice and keep it forever. 
2) Don't poke her eye out with your zebra's tail.....
3) Whose that hot guy in the yellow shirt?..... Mmmmmm.
4) HOLY CHINS BATMAN! That little lady's got chins for days.

{I'm kind of pooped. I hosted a clothing swap today for about 15+ friends of mine
and can't wait to share the photos of our morning together. Everyone got to take home a few really cute things! Can't wait to host another swap for spring!}

Happy Saturday!


  1. Cute overload!!!!!
    I can't wait to see your clothing swap photos!

  2. ahh, i LOVE this. she is the cutest. and conrad?! omg. MELT.

  3. Oh! That is so precious!! I love babies so much... Good thing I have one too! =) Your little boy is too cute! New follower!