Wednesday, October 12

The Truth About Ryan Gosling.

So Tuesday morning, after feeding Elle and slipping back into bed, I drifted off to sleep. I awoke moments later to my husband towering over me kissing me goodbye. Later that day I apologized for being so grumpy when he said goodbye and he asked what that was all about......the furrowed brow-squinty eyed "why'd you HAVE to wake me up!" kind of look in my eyes....

Chelsea: Ahem.... (I clear my throat.) Um, well.... I was having a dream.....Ryan was in it.....

Dustin: Oh, god. (rolls eyes) What was it about!

Me: Well. We were making out. He was talking dirty. It was pretty intense.

Dustin: (laughing) and then what happened.

Me: More dirty talk, more making out.... more dry humping.... the ush.

Dustin: Wait. Dry humping? What a waste of a dream! You had a dream about Ryan Gosling and you DRY HUMPED? Lame. (although he doesn't necessarily support my dream-land-hump-fest with my very fake, very hot, AND YET not as hot as my own living-breathing-sexalicious husband, at least it doesn't hurt his ego that I, ahem, dry humped Ryan Gosling in my dream....) I digress.

Me: Well, I'll never know what would have happened now will I?

Dustin:  You've got such a boner for him. You and every other woman in the world.

Side Note: I fully support his celeb-crush on Natalie Portman. Just so you know.

A few weeks back, we went to see the movie Drive (and the week before that it was Crazy Stupid Love, and next week we plan on seeing Ides of March.....But not because of Ryan, but because these movies have gotten such great reviews....) We ended up sitting next to a really funny, animated, black couple who quickly befriended us (after the movie, we practically walked all the way to our cars talking and laughing. We should have gotten their number.) The husband was (annoying like me) when it comes to movies. He kept offering up his commentary every few minutes (I'm sorry. It's true. Ask anyone whose gone with me to a movie... I just don't shut up.) Every time someone got shot he'd shout, "Aw, DAYUM! Didn't see that one coming." So anyway, there's a part in the movie where the actors have a really long-awkward silence and the movie is getting kind of weird. The husband sitting by us looks at the wife and goes, "You really picked a winner honey!" He was being sarcastic. And then Dustin goes, "It's not just white girls who are obsessed with Ryan Gosling....." to which she goes, "Oh, that boy is SO fine!" Agreeing with him. (Drive was both of us ladies choices for the movie.) Lucky for us, they had a sense of humor and laughed about it with us instead of giving us the stink eye or thinking we were totally racist.

Side note: I <3 black people. 

Black woman like him, white woman like him, dudes wanna be him. Seems like these days, every one's got a boner for him. So anyway. I will shamelessly admit-the guys' not terrible looking.

Go {here} if you want a good laugh.

In other news. This week has been ah-mazing. Really, it's been totally enjoyable to the max. I've been spending much more special time with Conrad doing fun things with him. We've been getting a long great and tantrums have been few. I feel like whatever cloud of gloom that we were both standing under has moved-I told the ladies at church that I feel completely delivered from the unhealthy, sinful feelings I had in my heart towards him. (Maybe Jesus will deliver me next week from my Gosling infatuation....) He has been such a big helper to me this week and I told Dustin that I feel like I'm falling in love with him again. He makes my heart feel so full. My patience, peace and grace for him is not by my own doing. I know that God imparted the ability this week, for me to be the Mother that I see in my mind-that I long to be. Thanks for your prayers and advice.

{Hope you're having a great week.}


  1. I haven't yet been to the tumblr site you suggested but I have stumbled across this one and thought you may laugh as well...

    I've been missing your posts, hope all is well with your lovely family!

  2. I've read your blog for several months but this post just solidified that I'll be a reader for life. I'm pretty sure the only reason I'm not Ryan's wife is because I don't want to live in LA. Maybe having never met him has something to do with it too but that seems trivial at this point. a girl can dream...

  3. So glad to hear things are good at home! It's crazy how intense emotions can change day to day, hour to hour. Thanks to prayer.

    And Ryan...oh my word. He will forever be Noah from the Notebook to me. LOVE him. He's on obvious celeb crush...because, HELLO, he is adorable/sexy/smart/flirty/hotness.

    Good post. Made me smile.

  4. haha. my husband and i have this exact conversation, but exchange ryan gosling for colin meloy.

  5. oh my gosh, my face hurts from laughing at Dustin's reaction to your dream - "what a waste!!" hahaha... props to him!

  6. This is so funny!! Glad your days are getting better!

  7. AHAHAHAHA...i am dying. seriously.

    he is my husband in my dreams and i've often wondered if it's just me (and there is something horribly wrong with me because I AM A MARRIED WOMAN!) or if anyone else is as slightly obsessed, in fantasy love with him as i i don't feel so bad!

    we went to see DRIVE for my husband's birthday...i bought the tickets days in advance because we went to a dinner theater to see it, i surprised him with it. my excuse was that is was the only guyish looking movie playing! hahaha

  8. Ryan Gosling is my #1 lately and my husband cannot stand it. I can't help myself, though. I've had a crush on him since Young Hercules.

  9. Rachel, my friend saw Drive with her husband and she told me later that she was hoping the entire time that he wouldn't look over at her and see her drooling, and then he turned to her and said, "God, he is SUCH a bad ass..." Everyone loves him.


  10. SOOOO this post!!!

  11. LOL Oh girl, the conversation between you & the hubs about your dream made me laugh. love it. But waking up from a good dream is the worst! And Mr. Gosling is definitely, as Chandler (from Friends) would say, one tasty dish. ;)

  12. The dream man in my house is Jonny Depp, for both my husband and me! He's on my and my husband's list! My DH says that he's not gay, but he would be gay for Jonny Depp. We have regular conversations about how amazing he is. It's hilarious.