Wednesday, March 2

Feeling Faint & Powerless

Snack-time with his horse:

I have felt extremely weary this week. Emotionally & physically. My husband gently asked me to replenish his underwear and undershirts (knowing that I haven't lifted a finger to do laundry in a long while now.) So what do I do you ask? I go to Kohl's and use a gift card to buy new underwear! That way, I don't have to clean, and he doesn't have to wear dirty ones (again)... Ugh. What a failure of a wife! *Dustin told me not to fold the FIVE loads of laundry in my living room that have been taunting me the last few days. He said we would tackle it together tonight. Thank god. Even with work & school, he's offering to help me with my domestic duties. What a man.

I'm going to go ahead and blame it on the pregnancy! I'm so tired. I had a fit yesterday-crying to my husband that I can't work out and I feel all of this pressure to work out because I want to be healthy for this baby, but being a mom all day tires me out! Yesterday during a play date, I lounged on a bench and watched the airplanes fly overhead as my toddler collected wood chips in the distance with his buddy-my poor friend doing double duty keeping an eye on him so I could take a few minutes to soak up the sun and think about nothing. It has been a hard last few weeks with my hubby working such long (14 hour) days going to school and work, so being encouraged with this today really perked me up.

The Lord is the everlasting God,

the Creator of the ends of the earth.

He does not faint or grow weary;

his understanding is unsearchable.

He gives power to the faint,

and to him who has no might he increases strength.

Even youths shall faint and be weary,

and young men shall fall exhausted;

but they who wait for the Lord shall renew their strength;

they shall mount up with wings like eagles;

they shall run and not be weary;

they shall walk and not faint.

Isaiah 40:28-31

I needed this today. I needed to be reminded that my god does not grow weary. He will give me that supernatural strength when the days get tough-as I wait for him, as I call on him, he will renew my strength. That comforts me. I can depend on that.

{The love affair with the horse continues}

Being a mom is tough. Can I get a witness....


  1. Oh, look at Conrad's little lips! :)

    Hang in there, pretty-- I totally understand days like this, but you are wise in where you go to refuel. Love these verses.

  2. What I would like to know is HOW do you get conrad to eat so healthy? I know they say they will eat healthy if its all you give them but I swear its not the truth when it comes to mine. I tried to give austin sea weed snack and he spits it out :(
    Cute pictures and hang in there ... your energy will pick back up. my first two trimesters I was VERY tired but in the last trimester I had tons of energy. Dont be hard on yourself...your body is going through a lot and it needs a lot of enerygy to make that cute little baby. So.. if you dont have the enery to work out thats because your body is telling you to take it easy.

  3. I am so sorry you have been so stressed, that verse is absolutely beautiful and so true. It empowered me now just reading it, I don't feel like doing laundry or cleaning the bathroom, I feel like sitting. Sometimes...we just need to sit.

    Praying for you sweet friend. I think you're a very strong person and someone I greatly admire for all that you do.

  4. Cassy. He can be a picky eater. He doesn't like pasta or meat or eggs.... he doesn't like much-but oddly enough, he loves sea weed snack and i'm not really sure it has that much nutritional content actually. It's just salty to me. The only way I get him to eat greens are to sneak them in a smoothie, but when he gets older and wiser, he might realize why they're green and push it away! Until then, I'll keep making them.

    Thanks for the advice and encouragement ladies! <3

  5. Oh my goodness! Don't feel like a failure! I actually never do my husband's laundry (he doesn't let me) but he doesn't do mine either which is very odd. But he says his parents always washed their clothes separately so he likes to too : ) Maybe you could suggest that to your husband ; )

  6. Sending prayers your way pretty girl! I remember my first months of pregnancy I was super tired. Beyond tired to the point I couldn't keep my eyes open. After the first couple of months it went away. Praying your energy comes back soon!

  7. Oh my lord woman! I don't know how you mamas of toddlers make it through pregnancy. I waited until my first was 6.5 before I had the second and I was still exhausted all the time. Take all the help that is offered and don't worry if the laundry doesn't get folded :) No one will judge you! Ok well maybe some people will but whateves! Who cares what they think anyways!

  8. If our children only knew the sacrifices we make for them starting in the womb! If it makes you feel better, I have not worked out my whole pregnancy! Keeping after my little guy and maintaining a business was enough to keep me on my feet more than I would have liked!

    However, you are exactly right. Only in God can we find strength to do the smallest of things. He is always loaded with graces to give us and its so refreshing to be reminded of that!
    Hugs and prayers!

  9. oh Condrad, you are such a cutie pie. if i could, i would feed you carrots and lunchables while your mommy rests on the couch :)

    Chelsea, i hope you find a burst of energy, enough to make you feel better, whether it be from a bottle of water or from comments from your dear blogger friends :) much love <3

  10. Oh what a little cutie Conrad is with his little snack. & the horse. PRECIOUS!

    I hope you find that energy you need, and things start looking up. But don't worry about neglecting that laundry. Laundry stinks. I neglect mine daily. ;)

    Beautiful verses.

  11. love the verse in isaiah :) praying you have a beautiful (and less weary) rest of the week!

    blessings to you..

  12. Witness!

    Laundry, I just spent 2 hours today sorting through piles and piles of clothes of mine, of my husbands and of my daughters. And didn't put one load on - ugh - good news is tomorrow is a new day.

    chasing after a toddler = workout mama, don't feel guilty your baby is growing in the perfect place :)

  13. Being a mama is hard work. Sounds like you have some supportive peeps around you. Rest as much as you can! xox

  14. I'm loving that haircut!
    And I feel ya. So all these things you can blame on pregnancy, I have no excuse for. You are dealing incredibly well with the ups and downs of being alive while ALSO being pregnant. You're allowed to have off days, and bad eating days and not wanting to fold laundry days as part of being HUMAN. Anything above and beyond that you do (like bringing life into this world) is extra props for you.

  15. Those are some of my FAVORITE VERSES of all time! Did you know there is a song that goes with them that is amazing? used to sing it all the time in chapel at college!

  16. awe...i love Isaiah 40 ~ if we lived closer we could have tons of could relax and i could take over...

  17. Awwww Chels you are such a huge inspiration to me , you teach more than you know. I'm sorry that it has been so hard trying to find a time to get together . I blame my sickness that took ahold of my body the last now five days. I'm off Friday , does Friday afternoon work ? We could get a tea or something . I love you friend , and I'm so blessed to have a mentor such as yourself on my life .

  18. Amen to that! Being a wife and a mom is super hard.

  19. I am with you there.
    Someone told me once that being like Jesus is doing the next right thing. As long as you remember that, you are golden.
    You are enough-you were created in the image of perfection.
    Plus, you are beautiful and blessed .
    Sending internet hugs from a stranger :)

  20. I am really sorry that you are having a rough week. As someone who is desperate to get pregnant I would love to have the "problems" that you are having. At least you get to hang out with your little man all day, even if he is a toddler. Honestly, I really loved your blog but I think I'm going to take a break because you complain A LOT about being pregnant and how certain things you do are because you're pregnant.
    I realize I have no idea what you're going through but for me I need to find something inspiring where the author isn't whining for attention. Sorry.

  21. Also, I don't have any accounts listed below hence the anonymous name. I'm not hiding behind that my name is Jessica.

  22. That's ok annonymous. I'm sorry for offending you. I really hope and pray that you get pregnant soon. It's so helpful to have friends who support me when I'm having a bad day - I'm just writing about what's going on in my heart and in my life.

    Mostly, the post is talking about how when I feel powerless and defeated (in any situation, pregnant or not) God has been my strength through the hard times.

    I never thought that my "whining" was effecting someone in a negative way. For that, I am very sorry. When you get pregnant, you will find that having friends to encourage you is such a helpful thing to have, and for that, I am grateful. I'd hate to portray to the world that I have a fluffy-perfect life and I'm always happy because that my friend, is not the truth. I write about the good and the bad.

    I feel VERY fortunate to get to carry this baby, BUT It's not easy.

  23. Hey! I'm a new follower...your blog is great, and amen to that scripture my friend.

    ps- that picture of your beautiful child hugging the horse is one of the cutest things i've ever seen!!!


  24. Praying for you, Chelsea! As a girl who is also struggling to get pregnant I just want to let you know that even though it's hard sometimes to hear about other people's pregnancies, I still love reading your blog and knowing some of your heart makes me happy for you and want to pray for you on hard days. Hang in there! Seeing pictures of Conrad just makes me even more excited to be a mom to a cutie pie. You encouraged me even with today's post! so never fear :)

  25. When Troy needs laundry done, he "gently" drops it over the railing to the living room downstairs and yells "INCOMING!"

    He actually did that this morning... oops!

  26. Bahhahaha! This made me laugh. love it.

    Oh Troy.

  27. First of all, brilliant thinking with the Kohl's giftcard ;) And let me tell you about the laundry routine at our house...first it builds up until it overflows out of the baskets in our master bathroom, then i do a bajillion loads in one day, only to be overwhelmed with hours upon hours of folding (over the next week). i feel ya sister ;)

    Secondly, I must tell you Chelsea...when you write about being overwhelmed, and then always how your working to overcome it, it is so refreshing!! It doesn't make me happy you're having a tough day, but I feels good to know I'm not alone...and I love reading about what inspires you to keep going :)

    And last, thank you for sharing those touching verses in Isaiah. We actually discussed them in Sunday school last's amazing how God can turn the stormy, harsh winds of life into a strong breeze that can lift us up and help us reach our potential, if we let Him in our lives... I hope you have felt renewed and that you have a wonderful weekend! <3

  28. Oh he is just darling!

  29. too true ;)
    Thanks for stopping by my blog--congratulations on expecting! I am already feeling the itch for another...! But I suppose --for the moment --it would be best not to add another kiddo to the mix. I'm crossing my fingers for sometime in the next year and a half though. :)