Thursday, November 11

Weekly Surf:

When Conrad gets a new toy, he gets obsessive about it.
So obsessive that often times we end up having to take the toy away from him because
he won't eat or take baths or sleep without the toy....
It's. not. healthy.

His new obsession:
a white horse, oh, and his black horse too.
(because he can't just have ONE he's got to have TWO horses says my mother in law....
the kid is officially spoiled. It's embarrassing.)
Giving the horse a french kiss:
This is my son refusing to let his horse go so he can take a bath:
Precious isn't he?
I told Conrad that "the horse was going to sit in the sink and watch him take his bath, so please place the horse in the sink for Mommy, or i will do it for you myself. Do you want me to do it, or do you want to listen to Mommy like a big boy!" I'm trying to allow Conrad to make his own choices and decide to obey the specific command I'm giving him on his own will rather than ripping toys out of his hands, and if he makes the choice not to obey, he will have consequences.... I gave him the choice to put the horse on the counter or no one was taking a bath at all....(he has had a bath almost every night since he's been born,) To which he screamed in my face and threw himself on the ground.
He hates his mother. I'm convinced.
He collects himself after a few minutes and puts the horse on the counter. I am proud.
But my pride is short lived.
That little naked butt makes me smile.
After he obeys his mother and I am beaming with pride, He looks back at the horse and decides to start back up with his tantrum instead of getting in the bath. So at this point, I'm scrambling. I'm trying to figure out how to deal with the situation. A lightening bulb goes off in my head and I decide that maybe Conrad will enjoy giving his horse a bath! They would have fun, and I would be able to wash a days worth of stink off of his butt. Everyone wins right?! So I suggest we put the horsey in the bath-which was Conrad's original thought 5 minutes prior, (the thought that I originally disagreed with....)
He literally throws himself on the floor for seriously 6 whole minutes after I put the horse into the bath. I counted. It's my fault. I threatened one thing and did another. I went back on my threat that if he didn't put the horse on the counter, than no bath at all! So I tell him that we can give the horse a bath HOPING he might stop crying and acting like a total-brat!Wrong.

I put the horse in the bath and then put Conrad in after him and I start sud-zing up the horse's mane.

Conrad flips out and starts crying even harder. The water is about 6 inches deep and my toddler thinks he's going to "throw himself down real hard in the bath tub" like he does when he's on the floor. This resulted in him face planting in the water, swallowing the water and then chocking on the water, almost dying, then proceeding to thrash at me with a water soaked face, clawing off my arms with his razor sharp toddler nails, his arms flailing and then slipping in the tub falling and screaming harder, JUST THEN DUSTIN'S KEYS TURN THE LOCK! Yippee! Daddy is home! This whole scene makes me look like a total idiot mother.... In my mind, my HUSBAND is thinking, "MY WIFE IS A MESS...SHE CAN'T HANDLE IT. She can't hang. She. is. weak..."

Right as I hear Dustin hastily stomping through the hallway in his perfectly pressed slacks, dress shirt, leather loafers and (one of his "artsy" Mr. jelly neck sweaters), my eye balls are shooting half way out in front of my face and I'm buckling under the weight of this ordeal. Before I can even kiss Dustin and say, "Hey babe! How was your day!" with my lip gloss glaring in the light of the florescent bathroom lighting like a 50's house wife, my beautiful blouse looking fresh without even the slightest hint of pit stain..., I snap back into reality and quickly toss the "NAY" to Dustin and shout, "HIDE-THAT-DAMN-DEMON-HORSE!!" (he threw the soaked horse in the dryer and turned that bad boy on without a single explanation. That man doesn't skip a beat.) I washed my sons nether regions and swooped him from the bath, grabbed his "MEY-MEY" (Binky) from his crib in one swift motion and got him dressed with poise and grace....

It was stressful. But we made it through. An hour later after Conrad was totally asleep, I finally plopped down on the couch and asked my husband how his day was. He gave me a high five and told me I did good. I felt like a rock star of a mother. He was proud of me. I HAD WON.

So I'm at a cross roads with Conrad's "NAY." Do we abolish these obsessive toys all together? I fear his bond with these toys is unhealthy. The deadly plastic dinosaur, the Elmo chair and now Mr. Nay....

In other news, Conrad loves me when I "Pizza Pie" him. He calls it "PEEE-PIE!" I wish someone would throw me in the air and let me free fall back into their arms over and over. That would rock so hard.
Weekly Surf:
Any phrase you want cut into wood
Yes, sometimes I too "fake it"
A perfect girls room + a lovely nursery = two sweet spaces
I am DYING to wall paper something
Obsessed with the art in this nursery
Vintage pieces I'm drooling over
A play kitchen even a boy would enjoy {Side note, you know what really lights a fire under my ass? Pink shopping carts! I go to Target to let my son pull toys off of the shelves and find something new and exciting to play with....he makes a b-line to the shopping carts and starts putting stuffed animals in it, and baby dolls (ALL OF WHICH ARE WEARING PINK dresses! Why can't they make cute boy baby dolls with blue shirts!? Why don't they make babies for boys to play with?) He's filling up his shopping cart and having a ball so I decide to buy it for him, BUT IT'S BRIGHT PINK. Sure I could spray paint it orange, yellow, or blue but then it would look ghetto-ish. I was really sad that the store only had girl colors and not boy colors! Don't they know boys cook too and go shopping?!}
I made this dessert this week to impressed my husband.
Nothing says I love you like boxed brownies!

I wish I could have a normal conversation with someone without totally freaking them out by curling my lips over my braces. It's a new nervous habbit I've formed. Even my best friends refuse to speak to me during the lip-curl.
I can't quit it though....

{Have a really really great weekend friends.}


  1. is it wrong that I'm laughing uncontrollably right now!? This is amazing! Man the adventures of being a mother all photographed and documented by the one and only Chelsea Robbins. LOVE IT. Your love for you kid is amazing, I appreciate you sharing this journey with us!! p.s. I kinda sorta wanted to give you a virtual high five when dustin did too. just.saying. :)

  2. My daughter is a tantrum freak! She knows how to throw 'em. I tell her to ask nicely for something and she'll throw a fit so I just ignore her. When she stops I usually give her what she wants, I'm horrible, but I can't resist the "after-the-tantrum-cuteness."

    I know you already bought the shopping cart, but they do have some fisher price ones that are yellow. I'm not a fan of all the pink stuff and I have a daughter. I am all about unisex so I can re-use if necessary. ;) I think it's good for kids to experience all things, boys should play with kitchens and babies while girls should play with bugs and cars!

    My daughter has a pretty sweet hot wheels collection, I started her on it. I LOVED hot wheels, skateboards and sports when I was little. I even had a ninja turtles collection and my 6th Birthday party was themed with the turtles! My {boy} cousin had a "My Buddy" doll when we were kids, I always thought it was cool he had a doll! (check them out on google)

  3. You are a rockstar mother! And you have the cutest kid on the planet! I used to do that lip curl thing when I had braces. Sometimes my mouth would get dry and my lips would get stuck like that and I'd have to peel them off. It was cute I'm sure. Ha

  4. You are doing a good job. I understand the frustration of a toddler, and kudos to you for being such a patient mama!!!
    I say, let him be a kid and have his toys...I doubt this will last.
    But then, what the heck do I know?!?!?

    Thinking about and praying for you!!!! Best of luck.

  5. Since we don't find out the sex of our little ones, we've been trying to figure out gender neutral color palats that will still be fun. We've come up with Grey, Tangerine, and aqua, so that first room is RIGHT up our ally! Thanks for sharing ;]

  6. I have two kids ages 6 1/2 and 2 1/2... and two more different personalities you could not find. And yet BOTH of them - between the ages of 18mos and 3yrs - develped INSANE, IRRATIONAL, OBSESSIVE attachments to THINGS. For my son, it was a stuffed bird (a robin), for my daughter, it's a tiny little pink blanket.

    My son's attachment waned when he got older... and now he only sleeps with the robin bird.

    I suppose I'm commenting to say: "It happened to me too!" and it got better on its own.

    I love your blog! (I found you through Emory and Fall Fashion Week).

  7. Just wrote a way too long comment but it vanished when I tried to post it...sorry if this is a repeat. Tantrums and battles are hard. How old is Conrad? My twins are 20 months and sometimes I totally cave after I've taken something away. Then I realize how confusing that is to them and I feel like a failure, but OH MY GOSH my boy just screamed for a half hour over a stupid comb so fine I thrust it back to him! I don't know. Choosing battles are hard. I don't always win. You are a good Mom, thanks for sharing your stories. I think our kids are about the same age so I love hearing them :)

  8. At least Conrad has somewhat of a reason to tantrum though. Jack just straight up rages against the momchine for nothing. Bath time is hell around here and it's weird because as a baby he loved it and never wanted out. I love his hair in the second to the last pic!

    And I want a play kitchen sooooo bad! I feel I'd spend more time in that than my real kitchen though.

    "What's for dinner tonight?"
    "These cute little wooden sushis!!"

  9. I can totally relate! And I love that Dustin didn't even skip a beat when he walked in - hilarious.

    Landon is currently OBSESSED with his box of crayons. It's the first thing he talks about when he wakes up and the last think I hear him jabbering about in his crib at night. He wants to hold them all day long - taking the crayons in and out of the box, coloring a bit, then spreading them out on the floor, etc.

    Lately I've been limiting his crayon time (mostly b/c they end up on everything - the walls, couch, etc.). He throws a fit when I first take them away but I just ignore his tantrum. And if it goes on too long he gets placed in his crib until he can calm down. Things can get pretty intense there for awhile but I think he needs to learn how to handle not getting his way all the time and how to function without the toy.

    But whatever you decide to do I think the obsessive behavior is normal. And Conrad is just so cute lugging around his horse it doesn't really matter! :)

  10. Awww. Bless your heart. I'm sorry but I did laugh while a been there, done that kind of way.

    Obsessive behavior is normal. It will pass. You're doing a great job! And he is such a cutie!

  11. haha, oh man. i think this is normal behaviour for a toddler, to get attached to objects. it's part of moving on from their complete attachment to their parents and realizing their own independance.
    i used to work for a daycare with toddlers and there would be that scene playing out but with 10 of them.
    you handled it great, you're a good mom :)

  12. poor thing!!!!!!! i feel your pain though. it sounds like my night last night with olivia. she threw the BIGGEST tantrum over getting bath! i think they are entering the terrible two's phase and it is something i have long been dreading!
    the joys of being a mom :)

    and ps- i am anxiously awaiting a surprise in my mailbox. can't wait to see what it is!!

  13. I am pretty sure I remember doing the lip curl thing...just because I could.

  14. Okay, he is the sweetest thing ever. I love his blond hair!

    And your photos are brilliant. I can't wait to check out your photography blog next.