Tuesday, November 9

Weekend In Photos.

On a particularly crappy TUESday, two things that seem to brighten my mood:
Open-mouthed toddler kisses.
A hot shower, an old silk scarf, some lip stick, and project runway re-runs while the baby sleeps. 

 Both of us are crabby today. Conrad cried for his "mey-mey" and was rubbing his eyes at 10:00am, I figured it was nap time. I rocked him until he was asleep TWICE, both times he cried when I laid him down. I said screw this, you're going to bed! He cried for another 16 minutes. Now he's out and I've stopped shaking and trying not to cry myself! I HATE that it has to come to crying himself to sleep sometimes. I hate that, but sometimes, it's the only way. 

After my morning run on Saturday with the ladies, 
I went to an estate sale with my mother in law and purchased these lovely plates and candy dish.
I'm kind of obsessed with milk glass at the moment.
This weekend, I spent my day with this little red headed beauty.
Afterwards, Adam and Sarah got a babysitter and we dumped
Conrad off at grandmas so we could go on a double date and eat some BBQ.
Dustin schooled me on making a proper "rue" sauce....
My mac n cheese sauce usually separates and is thick and clumpy.
Dustin still eats it to be nice.
Conrad carried his "NAY" all over the house.
And I annoyed my husband by taking photos of him cooking.
A pile of cheese.
After his bath, he ran all over the house dripping water everywhere,
refusing to put clothes on his naked little self.
While we cuddled Saturday morning, I told Conrad I loved him and he replied,
"I ob-ooo mommy." My heart broke into a million little pieces.
My little man always knows how to brighten my spirit when I'm feeling down. 


  1. I love the edges on the milkglass plates. Quite the find. Joel has to school me in the kitchen pretty much always. I love that he is a talented cook. And Conrad is adorable. I'm sorry that you had to let him cry. It's heartbreaking.

  2. sorry your day has been so frustrating. henry pulls that stuff out of nowhere too and it really throws me off. hope it's gotten better for you by the time you read this comment.

    open mouth baby kisses are my absolute favorite and your kitchen is adorable.

  3. i don't have my own babies but i used to nanny the most adorable twins (from birth to age 2). sometimes no matter what tricks i pulled out of my pocket, they just needed to be left alone - even if it's alone and crying. i can completely relate to the shaking and nearly crying afterwards. tough stuff but you're a great mom. thanks for sharing your beautiful photos, and glad your tuesday is looking up. :)

  4. you don't have to "approve" this comment, but i wanted to introduce myself so i'm not some crazy lady that comments on your life. i found your blog during the fall fashion week and really like it. thanks for writing. :)

  5. ah, poo. sorry for the crap day. sometimes it's what we moms get. crying babies. oy. thank God for open mouth kisses & project runway though! xo!

  6. that open-mouthed toddler kiss, and those naked baby pictures with the "nay" as the cover-up, oh that is just so adorable!

    love you girl. flying to texas today! miss you and hope you're doing well.

  7. glad your day got better! I hate listening to my kids cry, but for some kids more than others, I have found that they just need to cry themselves to sleep. I think I would have gotten a lot more sleep when Hannah was little if I had let her cry a little more. Sometimes better to do it and have it over with than do a million different things only to have them cry the whole time anyway!
    Isn't it interesting how they all have their own personalities and quirks, and somehow our Heavenly Father knew that YOU would be the perfect mother for Conrad.

  8. i want a pile of cheese!! yummies!!

  9. Hey cara! Thinking of you today-was praying for you this morning. We need to chat soon! Have fun in TX. You'll love it ther! <3 Hugs! love you sweets!

  10. There is nothing better than a toddler kiss! Especially because they are old enough to mean it.

    I love your red flower earrings. Where did they come from?

  11. Thank you Jessica. I got them from a thrift store about a year ago?