Friday, November 5

Weekly Surf:

My mother in law found this Elmo chair at a yard sale last weekend and ever since, Conrad insists on taking it everywhere we go. He's got his little eye glued on that chair. When we're at home, he drags it through the house and plops down on it like he owns the place.
On this particular morning, I was in the kitchen making coffee and look into the living room to see that my toddler had placed his chair on the coffee table, and climbed up to sit and enjoy his thrown.... bowl of cereal perfectly intact. (I took him down off of the thrown right after the picture was taken and gave him a firm talking to about sitting on the chair-on the coffee table. It is a NO-NO!)
When is he going to learn that yogurt doesn't go on his head?!
Making a mess with some biggie.
Conrad searching for the bear, and then pointing to the bear:
This morning we opened the windows, let the cool air in and played in his room.
Sometimes, we watch mind numbing Yo Gabba Gabba videos while mommy cleans.
Totally mind numbing....and totally awesome.

Weekly Surf:
What a gorgeous 30 week baby bump
I REALLY love this baby quilt. I think black and bright colors would be fun together
Was inspired by these & these plate walls. Aren't they awesome?
Pretty "how to" braid hair styles
But to dress up and have the whole family together, that would be truly amazing.
This movie looks pretty incredible
Thank you Allie, for posting this & this. (the video is worth watching)
Dustin needs these
Great baby bag
Perfect way to decorate your table for a fall dinner party
My next DIY: plate + candle holder = perfect cake dish! (I will use mine to display jewelry on my dresser.)
I want these hanging in my kitchen

{Have a great weekend friends.}


  1. He is such a cutie!!! And that chair... my kids would die for it- they are OB.SS.ESSED with Elmo. Love you friend, glad you are enjoying fall!

  2. Love the cloth diaper and the OWL Sweater!! I'm drooling over it!! :)

  3. Elmo strikes again! That damn puppet has the control of so many kids' minds it crazy. I know, Jack is obsessesed with that stupid third person talking, goldfish having, crayon wielding weirdo.

    I need to see that movie. And I have the same green duvet saved on my favorites. Just in case...

  4. your kid is freaking adorable. adorable i say.

  5. I love Elmo. sigh...

  6. Dear Conrad - I think your chair is just the best chair ever! :)