Monday, November 1

Why We Stayed Home Halloween Night...

Me and my little pumpkin.
Sarah, Adam & their little Ginger baby~ Isabella
I have about 12 photos of Conrad carrying around this brown dried corn...
that totally looks like a piece of poop.
Victoriously holding up his corn.
So when I was about ten years old, my Aunt, uncle and grandparents took me to the fair. While we were there we enjoyed the livestock, ate an ice cream, hot dogs, & cotton candy. We walked around looking at the rides to decide what rides we were going to spend our tickets on. My Aunt Kaarena suggested the ride with swings hanging down from it. For a kid, looking at this ride, it's like a dream come true. The swings are super long and you get to swing with a ton of other people.
Super fun right? Wrong.

We get strapped in, I'm in the swing in front of my aunt, and we're swaying back and forth waving to my uncle and grandparents, super excited to ride the swings. The ride starts and we're having a blast. It's slow and steady, no biggie. My aunt and I are laughing our butts off and having a ball. The ride starts and as it goes, it gets faster and we go higher. She's behind me kicking my seat so I jet out really far and come back into position. It was awesome. About 6 kicks in, I turn around to my aunt and tell her to STOOOOPPPP! Because I knew I was about to revisit my ice cream, hot dog and cotton candy. She realizes what's about to happen, so she kicks my seat as hard as she can one last time and when my swing came back to her, she grabbed it and pointed me out towards the outside of the ride so I wouldn't get any up-chuck on us. If you can imagine, it looked like she was shooting a machine gun, only a ten year old, blond vomitting machine gun....

The next time around, I barfed on EVERY single person who was kindly standing in line to ride the swings next. I stopped barfing just as I got to the ride operator. The next time around, I threw up AGAIN on every single person in line AGAIN....AND I nailed the operator too this time.

For whatever reason this weekend at the carnival, I decided it was time to ride the swings again.
When we drove up and I saw the swings, I about jumped out of my skin, I was SO excited.
Sarah and I rode it together.
We were SO jazzed. The two of us "mom's" getting to act like kids again.
First time around. We're happy & excitedly posing for my husband below who was taking pictures.
The ride is going slow and not too high....
we're about 10 times around at this point {pictured below} and I'm trying my darnedest to crouch down into fetal position as to not look up and get sick. Right about here I'm pushing the thought of throwing up down as far as I can. I'm telling myself, "You've got this! This is no biggie. You're too mature to throw up. Breathe, count to ten, don't open your eyes...." Below us, my husband, Sarah's husband and Sarah's mom Julie are all laughing their asses off.
Struggling to keep it down....
At this point Juan, the swing operator was looking down at his iPhone and forgot about us. We've probably circled around 40 times. Every time I keep yelling down at Juan and shouting "STOOOOP! STOP THE RIDE!" I kept getting ignored. EACH time around, I kept shouting STOP! and each time I got louder and more bitchy sounding... I tried to be nice at first, but wasn't getting my point across. Right as the ride ended and we came to a complete stop, I leaned over and left Juan a little gift on the ground.

As we walked out of the ride, he grabbed a towel and I flashed him a big smile. (there were only 4 people on the ride including us....I wouldn't have felt bad if we had to end their ride early.)
The rest of the night I suffered from motion sickness and felt like I was about to vomit at any minute. Dustin went and got us some Thai take out and I ate soup. Conrad went to bed around 8:00 and we didn't go to trunk-or-treat like we planned to. But we made some fun memories with our friends, so it wasn't that bad....

I don't know why I thought riding the swings at 26 years of age would have been any different than riding them at 10 years of age. I'll never learn.

Conrad and Dustin in the bounce house:
I feel bad for not taking him out for Halloween. Next year.


  1. Oh I so remeber that carinval and that ride you were on.
    I thought sure you had overcome that motion sickness by now. But alas no!! You always did have a delicate stomach though.
    love you bunches

  2. you are so beautiful! i bet you were pretty even when you hurled everywhere.

  3. I've never been a ride person. Too preoccupied by all the fried food. And all the fried ON A STICK FOOD! And bunnies. So I rarely ride anything, it's just cost effective- puking up all my food? That's like $30 wasted all over some chicks shoes.

    You're a brave soul. Those swings are making me nauseous just looking at them.

  4. Oh my gawd.... My gut hurts so bad from laughing.. (The pictures and story is just too much... Sorry!) I get the same way on rides like that, too! Its awful and embarrassing when we are near our 30's and still get sick.
    Feel better!

  5. I absolutely LOVE that picture of you guys where Dustin is holding Conrad and you're looking up at him with adoring wife eyes. You guys really are the cutest family EVER.

  6. HAHA What a great story! I laughed out loud in front of my class as I read it... blonde vomiting machine gun. AWESOME.
    If I ever see you at a fair, I am going to run the opposite direction. Please do not be affended.

  7. oh dear. that sounds positively horrid. shame shame on Juan and his iphone.

  8. That was hilarious. Thanks for the chuckles! You looked great though! :)

  9. I LOVE the picture where you're looking up at the husband. You love him sooo much. I can tell. And also I love the picture of you hunched over in the swing... you can totally tell you're about to barf. Soo sad! That's why I NEVER EVER go on fair rides. And trick or treating is over rated!!!

  10. I'm sorry, but that was the FUNNIEST story ever. I did feel bad for 10 year old you but it's sooooo classic!

  11. (I hope you don't think I'm mean or anything... I AM sorry you got sick (both years))

  12. i almost wore that exact outfit to the pumpkin patch (just had a a black beanie on instead of green!) but changed last min. such a girl! & you make it look so CUTE :)

    that story was pretty hilarious. i can't even watch the dang round & round rides or i ralph. sad day. at least you gave it a good ol' college boy try! but feeling that way after is no bueno. bleeeech. no more swings for you, missy!

  13. Rachael, gosh, no. I don't think you are mean at all. I think it's hilarious. For whatever reason, i get super sick on carnival rides, car rides, plane rides-you name it. I know this about myself, and still I think it's a good idea to ride them? Ha!


  14. Oh, I feel your pain! I can't take ANY ride that goes around and around and around!!

    But, hey, you looked awesome while you were getting sick!! LOL

  15. So sorry you were so sick... but MAN, you had me laughing so hard with your cute story! Exactly what I needed today. :) xoxo!

  16. That was a pretty funny story, I feel your pain though, that ride and the pirate ship that goes back and forth are my worst nightmare!

  17. Just found your blog through fashion week and am loving it. Sorry about the vomit swings...

  18. Not to laugh at your misfortune, but we laughed. Thats a great story. Hope your stomach has recovered.

    And guess what?! We now live in the same city! Whoo hoo!

  19. I'll never forget that carnival ride! So happy you waited til the end to lose it or it probably would have gone straight into my mouth as I was laughing and screaming!