Thursday, March 3

Weekly Surf:

Dreaming of those first moments together
For you Mamma's in Vegas who need inexpensive baby/kid gear
I'm in love with this vintage-y jewelry on Etsy
This might make sandwich cookie eating less of a soggy, crumbly mess
I am crazy obsessed with these gorgeous photos
*if it's a girl

I went to a clothing swap last weekend & had SO much fun. All of the ladies brought a bag of clothes, a dish & positive attitudes. Everyone (except me) enjoyed some yummy wine, delicious food & everyone left with new clothes they loved. The swap was held down town in a photographers studio. It was fun to try on some new stuff & meet some new ladies. I loved how everyone had such a great attitude about encouraging one another as we all swapped clothes & tried things on. I can't wait for the next swap. I want to invite everyone I know!

*PS, Thank you to the friends who had encouraging words for me yesterday. I really needed a good kick in the butt, a good "I'm with you sister! Being a mom is hard!" and your prayers! So thank you. I woke up today with a renewed mind and heart! I know I'm not the only one who neglects laundry or feels like garbage some days.
Please forgive me for complaining!

Having such a great blogging community of woman who rally around me through the good and bad days really blesses me.

{We're all in this together!}


  1. Ok , the photog links this week were amazing!

  2. "Having such a great blogging community of woman who rally around me through the good and bad days really blesses me."

    That's what I've loved about being a new blogger....all the dear friends I've made including you dear.


  3. amen lady, love the blogging world.

    that first heart is melting over those photos. such an amazing photographer.

  4. ah, i've had a really hard couple of weeks being a mom too. they've sucked the life out of me! honestly, i feel on the verge of tears at all times. :( sometimes it's just nice to know we're not alone.

  5. I LOVE CLOTHING SWAPS. They can't happen too often, in my opinion. And seeing the outfits you post on here, I would LOVE to take any of your unused clothing off your hands!

  6. loved your surf this week! My favorite link was the photo shoot of the brand new family is their cozy, white bed...such tender moments :)

    And the clothing swap sounded awesome!! I've never been to one...maybe I should organize one around here...hmmmmmm :)

  7. loved your surf ;)

    oh, and about the road trip music... love the black keys...good choice! :)

  8. Oh my, thanks for linking me sweet girl!

    YOU make me smile. :))