Saturday, February 26

Something For The Nursery (IF it's a Boy!) :

Today I got the baby some really sweet wooden cars that I just died over.
I'm imagining how seriously cute they would look on a shelf in his room (If it's a boy).

Conrad loved them too.
He made sure they worked properly and gave them a solid test drive.
(What a good big brother...)
How BIG does he look with his new hair cut? He's such a big man now.
Those perfect pink lips of his. Oh-eem-gee. Love them.
The picture below, I could die.
Those little lips making the "VROOOOM VROOM!" sound made my heart skip a beat.
In this picture, his face is all, "Um, Mom, please stop taking pictures. I'm trying to have fun here and you're totally wrecking the mood with your dumb little camera.....It's totally annoying."

I'm such a buzz kill.
I mean, I could ALWAYS paint them pink and put them in a girls room.....

Either way. I'm OB-sessed with them. They're so sweet and cute. Imagining Conrad showing his little brother how to make the cars go "vroom-vroom" gets me all teary eyed.
I'm pushing the tears down and swallowing the lump in my throat as you read......

I'm so over the moon-excited & happy.

(Click -----> to see baby Bump progression)


  1. I will miss the Harry Dunn hair. But he looks so adorable!

    Thank you for your kind words on my emo post the other day, it was very sweet and it made me feel super!

    Hope your weekend is magical!

  2. I LOVE his haircut!! He looks so grown up!! Handsome little guy!!

  3. "over the moon excited"...LOVE IT!! And oh that picture of your sweet Conrad making the car noises is to die for! (can't wait for my little Brooks to get to that stage!) He is such a stud with his new hair cut :) And how exciting to wonder what your little one will be! <3

  4. Great find. I want some wooden cars for Kai. And I cant believe how grownup that haircut makes him look!

  5. this is so sweet. :)
    and conrad's new hair is super cute!


    what a big boy!!!

  7. It's amazing how much older a haircut can make the babies look. I know my little one needs a good chop, but I can't bear to part with those baby waves yet.

    Those wooden cars are so cute! I love a transportation themed nursery for a baby boy. And how much fun would Conrad have with a little brother?!

  8. someone got another haircut !! Conrad looks so sweet.

  9. That is just too cute. Looks like Conrad is enjoying them first and if you do have a girl, that's a cute idea to paint it pink or Conrad can just enjoy them :)

    BTW, the green & gray sleeper is made by/from Carter.

  10. conrad is just too precious! and love the wooden cars!

    not sure if you got the email i sent you. i took down my wall paper post--sorry:( after i wrote it, i felt regretful, like i it may have come off i was trying to get compliments or something. i don't want to give off the wrong impression!

  11. oh! i read the first line wrong. i got so excited, i thought you said you WERE having a boy! now we just have to anticipate longer. :)

  12. this is so adorable.
    and those cars...super cute!
    i'm not big into colorful plastic toys, so i want to get my kids a bunch of wooden ones : )

  13. This is too sweet! Conrad is going to be a great big brother!

  14. He is so adorable and sweet and those wooden cars are fantastic! Wish you a great day

  15. that is SOO adorable :D

  16. Adorable (cars and boy!) Thank you for sharing!

  17. I'm Renee and a new follower of your blog! Just thought I'd say hello!

    anyhoot, i love what you've got going here, very cute!

    Feel free to take a look at mine [you know, just so you know who's reading yours :)]

    Renee xo

  18. over the moon is RIGHT - sooooooo cute!!!!

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    *kiss kiss*
    ~Tiptoe Butterfly~

  19. how adorable is he?!?!?!?!

  20. those wooden cars are awesome! and hell yes, paint them pink if you need to ;)

  21. Hey, my favorite toys growing up were wooden cars, matchbox cars, my GI joes and ninja turtles. Eff if it's a girl or boy, any kid would love these!