Friday, January 14

Weekly Surf + Our Weekend in Photos:

Weekly Surf:
Dreaming of someday having a kitchen with floors like these

Can't wait to get a tattoo just like this when #2 is born (I am so obsessed with this tattoo.)
Remembering when Conrad was this teeny & the weird things I craved last time I was pregnant
I'll be making a few of these for the hubs w/ sweet things written inside for v-day (reminds me of our wedding)
I love a gal who can put together a killer-thrift store outfit
Makes me want a tea cup collection
This put a smile on my face
Will be making this, this weekend
I adore her style
What I found while lurking craigslist this week (maybe the chairs are a tinge too gaudy?)

One of D's dreams is to someday own a restaurant & one of mine is to someday own a thrift shop
Kind of obsessed with this home at the moment
Conrad would appreciate these
I want these for my kitchen table
Cute idea for a nursery
Blinged out gold chairs are a must have

Last Weekend In Photos:

When you have a kid, you get to be a kid again!

It's awesome. Dustin doesn't always get to do all of the fun stuff we get to do throughout the week,so this weekend I wanted to take him to the in-door play gym to watch Conrad in action. Conrad is really getting to be such a fun age. It's been so fun to watch him experience new things and go deeper into his imagination. I love watching him explore and see all of the "boy" in him come out.

Where's Mommy?
There she is!
We went on a little afternoon lunch date Saturday to one of my favorite Italian food places. It's been a while since we went out and sat at a restaurant and spent time talking and laughing. I feel like it's so vital for our relationship to get away together and talk about other things besides our son. I really cherish these moments.It kind of scares me that when the next one comes, these moments might be harder to come we're enjoying them now.

{Have a fantastic weekend friends.}


  1. Love the second photo! It's like is telling daddy "now we go through here, don't worry it's not scary."

  2. Oh goodness, I think those kitchen chairs ROCK and would for sure be stinking adorable. And that picture of Conrad showing Dustin the crawl space with his little hand out. AH kills me with cuteness.

    I love you.

  3. I made felt fortune cookies to tell Eamon we were pregnant again :]
    And I know this is really morbid, but every time I see Michelle Williams I think "Wait, I thought she killed herself?" and then I think of that scene in Garden State "Weren't you the guy who killed yourself in High School?" "No? That wasn't you? Are you sure?"

    Have a precious time looking at your baby this weekend <3

  4. So sweet. . . . Love the pictures!

  5. The dress? Shirt? You are wearing in the last photo is BEAUTIFUL!!!

  6. ohhh my that tattoo is amazing!! LOVE it!
    Also your pics from the indoor playground are super cute. Your husband is a good dresser, do you pick out his clothes? Cause we all know you have killer style! ;)

  7. I love how dressed up you get to go out. That's so fun.

  8. i love that i rely on your blog to know when friday is here..seriously i would never know the day of the week without you. not a hater...but please dont get that tatoo !! It is a nice one..but..take it from someone who has 3 and cant wait to start getting them removed. xo

  9. hey love - great list per usual... i love love love the black and white floors as well. yum!

    the band perry sings that song that you saw on my blog: check them out - so great.

  10. chelsea <3 lots of hugs and love for mentioning me on this week of your weekly surf list :) xoxo! im loving those gold chairs and that tripod lamp! and i think the tattoo is darling. its sweet that you guys went on a lunch date, i think its very imperative and necessary that you two always find time for each other <3 you have such a beautiful family! oh! i saw this video and thought that you might like it:

    take care and have a great weekend, love!

  11. These pictures are fantastic.. im loving all the colours :)

  12. I love your photos from a kids perspective! It made me want to go to chuckie cheese. Your son is adorable. Thanks for stopping by my blog!

  13. I love your list. Can't wait til you get that pretty tattoo. And when you do, you must share it with us!

    - Grace

    P.s. You have the cutest family.

  14. WOW! That place looks like loads of fun. :)

  15. 1 - that nursery with the vinyl wall decal frames is adorable! how cute is that porcupine silouette? :)
    2 - loved the lamp & the chairs you found on craigslist...get them!
    3 - Jamie's outfit, at redheadblog, was awesome! the fact that her clothing pieces were thrifted makes it 10x better :)
    4 - you & the hubby are awesome! Love that you guys get down and have fun with your little guy! fun memories i'm sure, loved all the photos :)

  16. That tattoo... YES PLEASE! I love unique tats like that!!

    Happy Monday Dear! xo

  17. Um....before I was pregnant, after I was pregnant, still love Joel's Old Spice deodorant. I may have snuggled up in his favorite hoodie the other night while he was at work and I just wanted to smell him. So you're in good company.

    Also, surprise surprise, my mother has a pretty impressive tea cup collection. But doesnt have any of them out right now. I may have to work on that one.

  18. Where is that play gym?! We've been trying to find one to bring Jax to!

  19. it's off of sunridge hights and eastern in the parking lot where bone fish grill used to be. i think it's called run and fun play gym?

  20. Oh FUN!!! I love those pics of you in the balls with him!!