Thursday, December 16

Weekly Surf:

I'm so irresponsible. This week alone I locked my baby in the car and the fire department had to come bust him out... it was all together mortifying. I thought I lost our gym card and fretted about it all day until Dustin found it under a pile of bills (and I had LOOKED EVERYWHERE.) I was overjoyed that he found it, but kind of pissed because I SWEAR I looked under that pile a thousand times. I ruined one of Dustin's work shirts (He doesn't know it yet though. That particular shirt might just magically disappear.), and I forgot to pay the credit card bill. I'm a winner. Where is my mind? I've been a total mess. Omg. Anyway. We also met Santa this week and Conrad's picture got put on the "crying wall" with all of the other baby's who hated Santa too. (I'll post the picture later.) I don't blame him. 
A Big hairy guy decked out in red would scare me too. 

This week I wore these ruffly birdie shorts. The whole day Conrad pointed to them shouting,
"Tweeeet! Tweeeeeet!" It was cute for a while until he got obsessive about the sorts and I had to change clothes. He nearly pulled them off of me. 
While Conrad ate his dinner, I caught the two of them howling like wolves.
It made me smile.

Weekly Surf:
A family portrait I adore
Loving these side table Re-do's
Gorgeous home (with a white x-mas tree.....Dustin doesn't like white trees but I LOVE them.)
Food for thought, for the creative mind
These two brightened my day. Aren't they sweet?
This time last year my little Santa was making my heart swell with his gooey little smiles.
Dustin, bust out your tool bag. We're SO making this for the next baby's room.
Something for Dustin's office
A Chalkboard Christmas tree is such a creative alternative.
Unique Christmas crafts to spice up your home
A look I love (minus the gay looking hat that doesn't go....)
Craving these.... My mouth is watering
An aqua kitchen table I adore (scroll down a bit to see)

{Have a great Thursday friends.}


  1. Heard Ryan G's interview on NPR last night, and while I CANNOT watch movies like that, it made me REALLY want to watch it. He's nominated for a Golden Globe [i think] for it, the actors put their whole lives on hold for it, it sounds amazing

  2. while locking your baby in the car is much more traumatizing, i locked my puppy in the car a couple months ago and i was FUH-reaking out.
    the AAA guy couldn't stop laughing though... and then everyone who works with me and all our neighbors came out and watched "the Rescue".

  3. I liked him in Half Nelson too. He's a great actor. Just as no one commits suicide or gets raped, I'll be fine I think to watch it. There are certain movies I cant watch either. Did you ever see Hard Candy with Ellen Page? That one was a doozy. I couldn't handle that one. Same reason why I cant get into Dexter or True blood. Too graphic. It does something to me emotionally- movies like that.

    Kacie, I was SO embarrassed. They said it happens A LOT. Which made me feel better too. I posted something about it on face book and i couldn't believe how many people had locked their kids in the car also.

  4. Sorry to hear about Conrad getting locked in the car...sheesh. I feel like if I were a mom, I would totally end up doing that, and would be just as mortified!

    Bummed I didn't get to see you while I was in Vegas! Looked around to see if you were at the show...if you weren't, you missed an amazing show! I took a bazillion pics!

  5. * It's a shame you don't live out here so I could have a Blue Valentine movie buddy. My husband hates movies like that. Like you said, they just effect him. I, on the other hand, only like to watch movies like that. I don't think he forgives me for dragging him through "Revolutionary Road" yet. Or for the "Virgin Suicides". Or "Requiem For A Dream"....I guess I'm a masochist. I have this theory that if a movie doesn't move me (make me bawl, question, laugh until my guts hurt) then it failed.

    * I also like white trees (blue and red and even pink ones too!) but the husband doesn't. I think it's a dude thing. I want a tree that looks like RuPaul and Dr. Seuss came over for a party and he wants one that actually looks like it grew in nature.

  6. ah! man, sounds like a semi-bummer week. it's okay though, we're all allowed to be out of it now and then. maybe you're just tired?

  7. Chelsea you are so sweet to link my hot cider photos! and honestly i'm paranoid about locking animal/child anything in the car. and i don't even have children! ha just a dog.

  8. you, your family and your blog are all totally adorable! i'm following!

  9. I am in love with your outfit! Your family is beautiful, i imagine you live a very inspired life :)


  10. ohhh man...i can't wait to see this movie! i saw that preview awhile back and i hope it's playing around here sometime soon! did you ever see Lars and the Real Girl? that is another super good one. he was amazing in it and if you're anything like me, he'll make you cry.

    and it's called MOM BRAIN. welcome to my 24/7 life. i forget everything all...the...time. i lose my keys, my cell phone, and my mind on a daily basis ;)

  11. PS- have you seen this trailer? wow wow WOW.

  12. I am THRILLED you love my quote blog!! That put a gigantic smile on my face :-)

    And I'm sorry to hear about the little one getting locked in the car... I think tho, every parents goes through that once or twice!

    Hey, have you added your city to LOCATION CENTRAL yet? It's where you find local bloggers in your area? For some reason I thought I told you about it, but maybe not. We use it for all our local bloggy get togethers ;-) Anyways, here's the link:

  13. That outfit is amazing!! I am loving the mustard color of the cardigan.

    xo M

  14. oh geesh - your week sounds like mine. i lost my phone twice and double-paid our mortgage payment - not good! that should make you feel better!

    loved your list - per usual. happy weekend.


  15. Crying wall? lol! Cute blog!

  16. alright,cutest shorts ever.
    but doesn't supprise me one bit....
    you's whole outfit is ALWAYS so darn stinkincute :)